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Countdown is ONE! -- 09.26.12
The countdown to Big Sur is just over a day. Itís a day and two. I packed my bag, and I made things all ready for Friday. As ready as Iíll be for now. More prep tomorrow. Iím super excited.

TheGirl finally got the news what day sheís starting her new job. She starts Monday, right after we come back from Big Sur. Timing is crazy, since she has to be ready for Monday by tomorrow because sheíll be on the trip and wonít be able to get ready over the weekend.

Last night I arrived from work to find that my aunt had made rice. Just rice. No actual entree, just rice, with pea no less. I hate peas. Rice is a side dish, itís not the main course. Iím not sure why my aunt thinks I JUST want to eat rice and nothing else. It doesnít make any sense to me. Am I supposed to fill a plate with rice and call that a meal? I mean come on, what the fuck is that idea. I rather come home to an empty refrigerator than have some half-baked side dish greet me.

The good thing is that a Fresh & Easy Express is opening up right on the boulevard.

Now Iíll have more of a chance to get some much needed food close by. I hope itís a store that stays open late. I live in a nice neighborhood, but everything useful seems to be far away. Whatís up with that?

* * * * * *

I bought the new iPhone 5. Siri is quite a character. I thought it might be funny to tell Siri to open the pod bay doors, like in 2001: a space odyssey. What follows is what happened afterwards.

Big Sur, here we come!

End Communication.

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