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New camera, new market -- 10.24.12
So after years of relying on point and shoots I finally dropped the hammer and bought myself a legitimate DSLR. This is what it looks like:

Since I didnít get to hang out with TheGirl tonight because she had an appointment with her daughter, I decided to go up to the Observatory to take some pictures. Wow, was THAT a mistake. I hit traffic the WHOLE way. By the time I got up to the Observatory it was past sunset, and my idea to get some shots of the building at the sun set melted away. But, I did manage to get the following picture.

Not my best work, by far. However, it does give me the idea that I need to overhaul a bit of my site and take off some of the pictures that I donít think are up to snuff. More on that in the future.

* * * * * *

Now on to some random things from the last couple of weeks. First off a funny thing I noticed. Perhaps this happens among all group of friends and stuff, but the cast at my San Marino job seems to have multiple brushes with fame. Iíve had my share, and now one of the bookshop volunteers apparently has. The man pictured below was on the local NBC station.

He volunteers at the library. We is famous.

* * * * * *

A couple of weeks ago I watched as they moved the space shuttle Endeavor to its spot at the California Science Center near downtown. The drive was meant to take most of the day, but run into the night. Which is how I was able to get the following screencap. What I want you to pay attention to is the highlighted box next to the arrow.

What Iím pointing out, if you didnít notice, was the text that reads, ďNot watching the shuttle. Feeling very alone.Ē I tell you, thatís just sad. Weíre all alone.

* * * * * *

Pet peeve time... I use the 101 nearly exclusively to get from point A to point B. I make a turn onto the freeway via this crazy entrance that also feeds cars to the 405 North via a double ramp. Itís a little confusing if itís youíre first time going up that way. However, since Iíve used it since it opened Iím used to it now. Anyhow, what gets me is that CalTrans canít seem to ever give me the heads up when it comes to this ramp being closed on the weekends (pictured below).

The problem comes from the way I have to go down a side street in order to get to the entrance (pictured below), and by the time I get to the entrance and see that itís closed I have to either jet across three lanes to get to the left turn lane. Itís not a huge hassle, but it is a pain that could be avoided by simply putting a sign up on Ventura blvd.

Iím not sure if CalTrans just wants to fuck with me, or what. But it would be nice if they could post a sign where I wrote a ďYĒ on the map. That way I could know to go left on Sepulveda rather than right on Ventura.

* * * * * *

Lastly, a Fresh and Easy Express market opened up in my neighborhood today.

I went a little after it opened this morning and bought a soda. Then I went back tonight to pick up some milk for my aunt. I also picked up something for me to eat. My aunt, is nice to feed me, but really cooking me some rice does not count as a meal. Believe me, Iím a bachelor, I live that kinda of lifestyle. I can get food if I need to. And if so inclined I can cook (given the time). So I picked up an entree to complete my meal tonight. The market is small, but it does have most of the little things that I often need in a pinch.

End Communication.

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