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Self righteous dummy on TV -- 11.27.12
So the kid from Two and a Half men is now on the air telling people not to watch the show that gave him fame and fortune. Which I donít mind really, since I have never understood the appeal of that show. Except for the parade of pretty women, the show itself is an unfunny collection of moments pretending to be a sitcom. This Angus T Jones does illustrate something I want to point out about people that suddenly ďfind religion.Ē Theyíre all dopes. Because they go from zero to a hundred in .5 seconds with their love of God, their sudden knowledge of all things, and their self righteousness. I call bullshit!

This guy got so many things wrong in his life. Drugs, crazy living, and yet now he sees the light. Angus... Iím sorry, but you made bad decisions in the past, there isnít any evidence that you arenít making bad decisions now. Matter of fact, there is evidence youíre making bad decisions now. Youíre self righteousness now only showcases youíre bad choices in life, and how you continue to make them. The form of your addiction has changed from drugs to religion. You have ďseen the lightĒ and suddenly the 99% of your life where you didnít see the light is all wrong. Itís not enough that you question everything in your life as a sham, you now have to question what everyone else is doing. Listen buddy, Iím not the one strung out on drugs. Iím not the one that hit rock bottom and is clinging to a mental crutch. I was just fine. So how about you keep your newly found all-knowing self righteousness to yourself? Because you claim to have gotten 99% of your life wrong by virtue of this conversion. What makes you think you got it right THIS TIME? Iím going to tell you straight up, you didnít get it right this time. You are clinging to a set of rules that contradict each other, that are not from some higher power, and that are certainly not going to save you from yourself. In short, go fuck yourself.

Of course the news today is that this Angus idiot is taking his comments back. My case has been made. If you canít even stand on your crazy convictions than they arenít worth shit. What a tool. $8 million reasons just came up to not have people avoid watching your unfunny show... huh? Cocksucker!

End Communication.

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