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Blame someone else game -- 12.03.12
I was watching the news Sunday night when another episode of "blame someone else" came up. Clearly no one wants to take responsibility for ANY of their actions these days. On the news the father of this 8 year old acknowledges that Sea World tells people NOT TO LIFT THE PAPER PLATE THAT HOLDS THE FISH.

However, he asks why he wasn't told why those paper plates should not be lifted. They just told you not to, why would you temp fate and life the plate? Out of spite? Out of morbid curiosity? I'm sorry, but this story just points out to me how idiotic everyone is. They do something wrong, yet they want to blame someone for their actions. Let me tell you something important... don't point a gun at your head. Why? Well... just because. What's that? You want to do it anyway? Be my guest.

Fucking idiots!

End Communication.

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