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a monkey haiku -- 12.26.12
First day back to work since Friday started out pretty chill, but then at around 3pm the shit hit the fan. I was trying to get my work done, and boom, a patron would show up and keep me from working on the magazines I was trying to process. Then more and more patrons came at the desk in waves, but never really stopping. Every patron seemed to have some sort of "issue" that couldn't be resolved in a few moments. And of course the rest of them in line couldn't wait a single moment. ARGH! It was a completely frustrating day, and I only worked four hours. For some work is an escape from their lives, or a replacement for a real life. However, for me work is a burden, a time trap that sucks the best of me out of my soul. I nearly played the lotto today, but that's just another trap.
Iíve had a little to drink tonight. Not a lot, but enough to make me feel good. Enough to make me see things clearly. Enough to not give a damn.

* * * * * *

This is the haiku that I attribute to Chandaka, though I wrote it.

I am chandaka
Me like to wave at people
and have them wave back

I hung out with TheGirl yesterday and Monday. It was nice... I held her hand. I threw the boyfriend remark at her, in front of her daughter. No one is taking me for a fool, unless I say Iím a fool. And yes, Iím a fool. But at the end of the day I can say that Iím close to being able to simply walk away. Thatís definitely a good thing. Boy, am I drunk.

End Communication.

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