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Light Reignfall -- 06.02.13
Saturday I went to LACMA with TheGirl and TheKids (her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend). Oh, and leave us not forget Chandaka. TheGirl's daughter wanted to go down to Venice, and I suggested the La Brea tar pits. So we decided to go down to LACMA and walk the grounds. But, TheGirl knows someone that works there, and he's gotten us in for free or for less to special events and exhibits. We didn't see him at the box office, so we decided to try the other box office. And funny enough, just as we were going up the stairs we saw him coming down the stairs. He hooked us up with some tickets, for free! Woo! He then mentioned something about a special exhibit that's sold out until September, James Turrell's "Light Reignfall." Which is an immersive light show, to put it in very simple terms.

One enters that round thing pictured above like a pizza enters an oven, and once inside you experience a ten minute program of lights and tones. I was a little frightened at first, because I didn't know what to expect. Once inside it was quite cool. I described it as something akin to the light gate in the movie 2001. Yet, it wasn't quite like that, in that the lights didn't have a equator that they centered around. The device is in the shape of a dome inside, so there's no real perception of distance or space. Just lights flashing and changing in color. In short, it was neat. Following that we all went to see the Kubrick exhibit.

It's leaving soon, so it was cool to see it again. The time I went with TheGirl we didn't get to linger much because we arrived at nearly 6pm and the museum closes at 7pm. But this time we were able to linger and check out all the little things on display. Also, the museum let us take pictures. Not sure why on the previous visit they didn't allow photography but this time they did. Hmm.

Following LACMA we jetted down to Venice, which was overcast. We walked and talked. Being hungry we needed to find a place to eat. TheGirl has been down to Venice many times and she directed us to a place named "On the Sidewalk Cafe." Food was good. We walked some of our meal off and then headed back to the car since it was getting dark and cold. We decided to get some ice cream. TheGirl did a google search and found a few results. She named one, the "Sweet Rose Creamery" and I thought that the name was pretty cool, so we decided to check it out. The ice cream was pretty good, especially some of the more offbeat flavors. After that we went home. Good times.

End Communication.

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