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McSlider -- 07.08.13
Two quick little things that happened today. As I was leaving for work this morning my aunt tells me that she’s going to make something I like for dinner. So when I arrive I’ll have food ready. When I get home tonight there’s no food. She was too tired to make it. That”s OK, since really she doesn’t have to make me any food. But, when she mentions it then I kinda expect the food to be there. Since there wasn’t any food I had to head out to local McDonald’s and get some fast food. I ordered a filet-o-fish and got what must be McDonald’s new Fish-McSlider. Take a look at how small this thing was.

It was about the size of a slider, no kidding. And it costs nearly $4!! So terrible.

* * * * * *

I heard that the Lone Ranger movie is considered a huge flop. I mean come on, who didn’t see THAT coming? Who even remembers the Lone Ranger? Not the kids that are going to supposedly see this movie. Johnny Depp is a great actor, but his make-up put me off. It looked completely silly. I’m not surprised that this movie bombed.
But it reminded me of a Far Side comic I read a long time ago. Here it is.


End Communication.

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