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Analog, for the win! -- 07.21.13
A few weeks ago I saw a movie trailer for a movie called "Pacific Rim." It looked so awesome at first glance that I KNEW I was going to see this movie. By some strange alignment of time the movie was released last week, my Big Sur weekend, so my watching it was delayed by something quite important. However, today I had my evening all to myself after working a short four hour shift at my Montrose job. Which, I add, felt longer than four hours. I had nearly four hours to kill until the movie started, so food was the first priority. I didn't want to have the same old meal, so while I drove in traffic through Echo Park I searched FourSquare for a good place to eat. But I needed a specific food or the search would be too broad.

I finally picked falafel, and I honed in on a place near the theater, some place called Western Falafel. The reviews made it sound yummy, so I went.

Well, it wasn't terrible, but their falafels were overdone, and were kinda flavorless. Still, I was hungry, and they weren't horrible. Oh, and did I mention I was hungry? Following the meal I went to the theater to buy a ticket, just in case a lot of people were interested in going to this movie. The 5:40pm start time made me pretty sure that the movie wasn't going to be packed.

On my way to the Arclight I saw a ton of women dressed like these two above. What guy doesnít like a girl in a short skirt? Anyway...

I bought my ticket and then went to the Amoebae record store next door trying to find a Blu-ray copy of "Vertigo." No dice, so I just bit the bullet and bought the essential collection on Amazon. However, they did have laserdiscs! It wasnít a huge collection, and I didnít see anything I HAD to have. However, it was cool to just see that they arenít completely dead.

After Amoebae I still had nearly an hour and a half to kill. So I went to the bar inside the Arclight and had two Manhattans. That got me all nice and sauced for the movie. I wasn't completely sober even after the movie had ended.

The movie was pure AWESOME! It lived up to the hype in my mind. It didn't pretend to be an art house movie or anything. It was just huge robots fighting huge monsters. Pure awesome! It was a good day.

End Communication.

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