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Brush with Bradbury, again -- 08.02.13
Today I had the honor of being asked to set-up a display at the library containing Ray Bradbury memorabilia. How I got this job Iím not entirely sure. My supervisor said to me yesterday that one of the administrators asked specifically for me because I have a good eye for these sort of things. Why thanks, I said. So this guy I only know as John, comes up to me as Iím waiting by the display case. I then remember that I sorta met him about four years ago when the San Marino library was having its one year anniversary of the new building. The two of us went on to put the items in the display case. Here are some pictures of the final layout.

img SRC="" vspace="4" border="1">

Hereís a picture from way back in 2009 where Mr. Bradbury came and gave a talk about writing to the crowd at the San Marino public library.

That was a great day. I only wish I had had the chance to get to know the man. But my few brushes with him have been quite wonderful.

* * * * * *

On an ENTIRELY different note, apparently Lindsay Lohanís new movie ďThe CanyonsĒ is coming out soon. Of course this is supposed to be some sort of come-back vehicle. Lindsay even goes topless in the movie in order to get asses in seats.

Is that whatís going to happen? Is the Lindsay audience going to flock to see this movie? Probably not. It looks like every one of those ďIíll-expose-my-boobs-to-make-my-comebackĒ movies. To me this movie looks like a mainstream movie trying so very hard to look and feel like an independent. Whatever, Iím not going to see this movie.

Itís a real shame, because I tend to think Lindsay IS talented and beautiful. She has thrown her life away.

End Communication.

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