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Lazy August 17th update -- 08.17.13
Today was my day off and as such I didnít want to do anything. My aunt wanted me to drive her to Santa Maria to go visit her guru. Thankfully her guru thing wasnít going to be early in the day, so I told her it was a bad idea to drive back from Santa Maria in the middle of the night. She bought it, I was free to do nothing today but a few errands and watch some TV. Here are some things I had on my mind this past week.

My buddy basically quit his job and then went up to Hearst Castle this week. He was sick the week after he quit. He was asking me what my opinion was regarding pursuing his MLIS degree. I told him a bunch of stuff about my experience. I also asked co-workers for their opinion. He might go for it. He's wondering if I'm gonna try again. I should, but I don't want to go down that road again.

I forget which day, but I stumbled upon a few Facebook check-ins by TheGirl. I don't follow her page because seeing her with TheChisel just makes me sick. Even to this day. I made the mistake of seeing her page and I saw a few recent check-ins. I thought he might have been out of the picture, but I was dead wrong. I have ignored that aspect of TheGirl's life really because I don't want to know about it. And because I thought by now that guy would have been out of the picture. Seeing that makes me want to get out of her picture. I wish that last week's hang with AE would have been that way out. Though I don't just want to be with AE because I don't want to be hurt whenever I see TheGirl is still with that fuck. I want to love AE with all my heart.

I'm reconsidering going up to Big Sur during Thanksgiving. If things work out my aunt will be in Mexico city that week, so I can drive up there and camp. That's another thing I want to do. In order to save money I want to camp up in Big Sur this time. I would take my iPad to write, and little else. My plan would be to go up there and finally get this fucking book out of my head. It doesn't do me any good in there.

This coming week is going to be nuts.

End Communication.

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