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This writerís journey -- 08.26.13
I've been talking about going up to Big Sur alone to write for the last few weeks. Well, today I was compelled by unknown forces to book a room in Carmel. I couldn't find one in Big Sur proper, and camping isn't an option with the weather being cooler. Hence me going with a room in Carmel.

Also, I can have a desk in the room and be close to food when I need it. $340 later I have a room booked for Thanksgiving weekend. I can still cancel it if for whatever reason I can't make it. But, since my aunt will be in Mexico, and I don't want to deal with TheGirl's schedule during that weekend, I decided that it's best I go up that weekend. Besides, it's not like I'm going sightseeing. I'm going up there to do some serious writing. There's so much work to do before then.

* * * * * *

Thatís the most recent news, but last week I had a really crazy time with my ex, Talia. After dropping off my buddy Dane off my ex Talia called me to ask if she could stay with me. I really didn't want to go pick her up from her house, but she told me some sob story and next thing you know I'm driving to West Hollywood to pick her up from her house so she can stay at my place. She stayed the night, but I told her that my aunt didn't want her to stay for more than a night. That gave me some leverage against her, in order to drive her home Monday night. Sheís called since then but I havenít picked up the phone. I just donít want to deal with her brand of crazy. Thatís why I broke up with her. I mean crazy.

When I brought her over on Sunday night she stripped and offered to sleep with me. Ah, no thanks. Her naked body did look nice though, and I hate to say that I was slightly tempted. However, getting my rocks off is not worth going down that road with her.

Time for bed.

End Communication.

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