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Daytrip to San Diego -- 09.02.13
A co-worker of mine told me about a couple of photographic exhibiting at the San Diego art museum. How often do I get to San Diego? I hadn't been since I was a child, and really that was only a visit to the San Diego zoo. I was quite eager to go down there, visit my buddy O, get to know San Diego, and check out these exhibits.

The day was hot as blazes. I thought the weather would have been nicer down in San Diego than here in Los Angeles, but I was wrong. The museum is in Balboa park, which is a picturesque location, where I could spend a day taking pictures. We didn't have a full day though. The exhibits were pretty cool. The photos were quite neat, and I learned a little about portrait photography along the way.

After our visit to the museums we headed down to downtown, where we stopped off at a placed called the Twisted Kilt, which is a sports bar. Pretty girls in pleated skirts greeted us. We had a little food before our journey back to Los Angeles, since we had decided to have some Tommy's upon our arrival. The following is a picture of a land bridge that crosses over street and train tracks and connects a huge parking structure to Petco field.

We headed back to my buddy's place, he picked up some clothes, and we went on our merry way back to Los Angeles, where he was going to spend some time with his mother. It was a good little trip, but it also makes me want to go down there again and explore on my own. Maybe for a weekend.

* * * * * *

The weather is unbearable. I don't remember summers being this humid when I was a kid. Which is another anecdotal account of global climate change.

I had work today, but since my co-worker and I hustled we finished the job in an hour, even though we were given two hours to do it. I sure didnít want to spend too long at work on Labor Day.

End Communication.

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