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Disneyland with T, again -- 11.11.13
While TheGirl is flaking on me and moving Disneyland dates to and fro, I've been having fun and going to Disneyland without her. And why shouldn't I? We're friends, but Iv'e used that pseudo relationship status as some sort of crutch, and it has prevented me from fully moving on. THANKFULLY, I've been able to not lose stride when it comes to TheGirl blowing our plans. As an aside, before I go much further, I wanted to say that this distancing of TheGirl and me is a good thing. I really do see it as an inevitable thing. She was not only in a new relationship, she has now moved back to spending a LOT of time with her husband. She protests that she could NEVER go back to him. However, she still spends a lot of time with him. She went to Vegas with him this weekend. The previous weekend she went out of town with TheChisel. I've made myself less available to her, but I need to do more and become even less available.

Which brings me to Disneyland today with T. This is the second time in less than two weeks that we have gone to Disneyland together. I'm getting more comfortable with her. I know she's Holly's sister and all, but I haven't really spent that much one-on-one time with her. But, I'm easy going, and she's the same. I woke up super early, and that got me out the door super early. I arrived nearly an hour before T did. I took the time to chill, check out the people coming in, and soak in the Christmas visions. Following T's arrival we headed to the Haunted Mansion. We took a pair of pictures with Jack Skellington and Sally (as seen in the montage above). Our priority was to experience the attractions that had holiday overlays. Our next stop was the Jingle Cruise, renamed for the holidays. I expected to have the whole attraction filled with lights and stuff. But really the only things that were different were lights around various parts of the attraction queue and some new holiday related jokes. Hmmm, that was a bit of a disappointment. We hit up Small World, Alice, the Carrousel, Astro Blasters, and Star Tours. T ate what she always eats, veggie gumbo. I had a yummy corn dog. We also caught a show at the Golden Horseshoe. It was a really good day. The park was not super packed, but it did fill up by the time we left. The secret is definitely to show up early. Both T and I wanted to check out the park at night. Disneyland REALLY sparkles when it's nighttime, but especially when it's nighttime during the holidays. Mainly because there are like ten times the lights. I really do love Disneyland during the holidays.

Last thing about Disneyland with T. We went shopping on Main Street door and at one point T bought some nail polish. She and I were joking, and the lady behind the counter said to us, "You're really cute." Of course assuming we're a couple. T is a nice girl, and she loves Disneyland. She's cute, and smart. What else does a guy want? right? It was not the only time today that we were "coupled up." T waved at one of the musicians and then thought that it was a bad idea because that guy was going to possibly tell her ex-boyfriend, who still works at Disneyland, that he saw her with a guy. Then, random finds of all random finds, a co-worker of mine from Glendale saw T and me while we were eating lunch. This co-worker knows, and knew, about me being with TheGirl. She disapproved of that back then, and now she sees me with another girl. It's going to be talked about at Glendale job FOR SURE.

End Communication.

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