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Super Bowl tweets and comments -- 02.02.14
I worked today, and didn’t get home until 6:40pm tonight to watch the Super Bowl. I was able to avoid any references to the score. Too bad the game sucked. Blow-outs usually do, unless your team is the one blowing the other team out. My teams are at home, saying “Next year.” Both lost in the conference finals. Next year. Here are my tweets and finally a comment I posted on Facebook.


I do like the game b/c it is a spectacle, a grand pageant of gluttony and excess from a once great empire in decline

Some one hands me a Bud Light I'm going to smash it over their heads - no thank you

Maserati? What the fuck do you mean strike? just get a pretty lady to lay on top of your pretty cars - not rocket science

“Need for Speed” movie is clearly a Justin Bieber bio pic

Turbo Tax commercial was good until you found out it was for Turbo Tax

Slim Good Body and Alf make Radio Shack commercial my favorite so far

Turns out that the Red Hot Chili Peppers' invitation was lost in the mail for 25 years, NFL felt bad & let them perform this year anyway

Bud Light.. for those who have just given up on life

BEST line of the night: "Might want to hold on to those donuts: - Tim Tebow

* * * * * *

I posted the following on my Facebook after watching a Budweiser commercial featuring a soldier’s home coming.

Lt. Chuck Nadd came home from an intractable war based on lies from an administration that sold us a bill of goods after 9/11.  We have been a nation at war since then, but you wouldn't know it.  Yeah, Lt. Nadd deserves a hero's welcome... but how many others came back in a body bag under a shroud of secrecy, kept so that we don't realize how many have been lost?  Thanks Budweiser, for reminds us that freedom isn't free.  Our greatest battles for our freedoms aren't going to be fought on a battlefield, but on the field of apathy.  It's where we stand now, and frankly, we're losing.  Don't believe it?

* * * * * *

Lastly, and this has nothing to do with the Super Bowl, this past Thursday while on my route I became hungry. I didn’t take a lunch with me because there was nothing in the house. I stopped by a Jack-in-the-box and saw that they had some new items (pictured below).

I didn’t try the nacho taco, but I did try the bacon ranch one. It was pretty dang good, I hate to say. I also ordered, not picture here, a burger called the bacon insider, because it has bacon mixed in the meat patty. There’s a place in Pasadena that has a patty that is 50% beef and 50% ground bacon. Must be yummy, because the Jack-in-the-box one was pretty good.

End Communication.

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