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Three random things -- 03.09.14
Tonight Neil deGrasse Tyson started his reboot of the Carl Sagan show ďCosmos.Ē In the opening scenes Tyson stood at Big Sur.

How cool is that? My coworker H has told me that she wants to go up to Big Sur with me. Iím willing to go at the drop of a hat. Iíve had a crazy thought that one day I should just drive up to Cambria. Just for kicks. I still might.

Secondly, a few days ago on the news they were doing a story about Chipotle guacamole possibly not being served up because the drought has caused shortages in the fruit. While they were running some B roll they showed this shot.

Attractive woman ordering some food from Chipotle? Go with that. I think the guy behind her is checking her out. What am I saying think? Heís definitely checking her out. I would too.

* * * * * *

I entered another photo contest yesterday. I didnít hear back from the Burbank contest, and the reception is this week. Those that made it have probably already been told they made it. Once again, I fail to make the photographic cut. Iíve said this before, that maybe Iím just not good enough. Maybe not ďout thereĒ enough. Not ďartisticĒ enough. Who knows. The latest contest is right up my alley. Itís a contest in Carmel focusing on photos of Big Sur. Right up my alley. I submitted four of my best Big Sur photos. Wish me luck. I hope I make the cut THIS TIME.

End Communication.

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