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Getty center, March 22nd 2014 -- 03.23.14
I asked TheDesire to go to the Getty with me last week, knowing that Friday was her birthday and all. I saw her on my route on Thursday and told her I had a gift for her. In a drunken haze a few weeks ago I bought one of my prints and had it framed. It cost me over $200 to get this thing framed. Of course TheDesire doesnít know what I got her. It was meant to be a grand gesture. Something to possibly win her over. Yeah, right! The Getty invite was for Saturday. Figured it would be the next best thing to seeing her on Friday and giving her her gift then. Well, it all blew up on my face on Thursday. She got all melancholy when I mentioned birthday on Thursday. She said she didnít want to be reminded. She said that she yelled at her parents because they wanted to celebrate.

Iíve put in so much of an effort into something I know in my mind wonít go anywhere. But of course my heart says that I should give it another try. Well, Heart... youíve had your chance. Logic is taking over and Iím not going to pursue a dead-end prospect. Iím keeping my gift. Iím not going to mention anything about the Getty any more. Or make any effort to hang out with her. This is why I decided to go to the Getty Saturday. She couldnít make it this Saturday. Told me some cock and bull story about how she might be out of town. Iím done pursuing her. Iím done making the effort. I wanted us to find happiness with each other. She doesnít want that from me. Probably because Iím some hideous beast. Sheís right about that.

All this brings me to going to the Getty. I wanted to see that Ansel Adams display, as well as the Jackson Pollack mural. Done and done, knocked those two things off the to do list. I took some nice pictures of the Getty. The buildings there lend themselves to nice pictures.

After the Getty visit I could have gone home, but I wanted to try a burger joint that I saw online. One might call this month "burger month" since I've had so many burgers. This place is called Burger Lounge, and the one I went to was in Santa Monica. Nice place, the burger was good. Nothing super spectacular, but serviceable. I liked the soda and the onion rings. In a pinch I might go back, but I wasn't THAT good that I HAVE to return.

I drove home on San Vincente. It's a pretty road that cuts across Santa Monica into Brentwood. It's always been a favorite route of mine when I'm in Santa Monica. Here are some pictures from the Getty.

* * * * * *

On Friday TheGirl drove up to Vegas for her interview/visit a friend thing. She told me she would text me soon as her interview was over. She didn't even get to have an interview though. The idiot that was supposedly going to interview her for a job flaked at the LAST MINUTE. He texted her that he couldn't' make it after she had already driven to Vegas. That's such a bullshit move. Of course this means no job in Vegas. This means she might still move, but this job isn't going to be the one that she moves for. There still might be another job, or another time for the interview. However, Friday TheGirl's efforts were thwarted by a person that is simply following the careless nature of people these days. No one seems to have any forethought. I don't know what this means as far as Vegas being an option now. TheGirl pinned so many hopes on this job coming through. It still might. For now, it seems as though her plans will be placed on hold, at the very least. And at worse, her efforts will have to focus on making a go of it here in Los Angeles.

End Communication.

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