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Dinner on Melrose -- 03.26.14
TheGirl and I met up on Melrose to get dinner. Here are some pictures from tonight.

This is a photo of the library in San Marino. The quest for food began after I left work tonight.

This dope found a parking spot on the sidewalk. Good job, stupid.

Chan monkey was sitting in my car while parked on Melrose.

Yummy ice cream.

Random buisness on Melrose, a grill cheese stand.

A mannequin's bulge. Ha!

Portraits of WWF/WWE wrestlers painted on black velvet.

Dinner was yummy. TheDesire forwarded me a job opening at Beverly Hills. Itís a full time position, and would mean a HUGE change if I got the job. Gonna apply and hope beyond hope that I get this job.

End Communication.

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