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Memorial Day weekend, 2014 -- 05.26.14
This Memorial Day weekend was jammed packed with adventures. Saturday I went with T, my coworker from San Marino to the Natural History museum library. She invited me because she figured I would like something like that. I did. Backing up for a moment, I bought a mini camera that one clips on to oneís shirt, or jacket, that takes a picture every 30 seconds. Itís called life logging. Everywhere you go, this thing takes a picture. I wore it over the weekend. Here are some pictures, along with some pictures taken with my iTouch. Iíll point out which is which.

This first one is taken with my iTouch, itís the exterior of the museum. Hereís another, of the big dinosaur display out on Exposition blvd.

The following is from inside the library. The fella on the right is the head librarian.

He showed us some neat books that they have in the collection.

Following the library visit T and I went upstairs and checked out some of the exhibits. It was a short visit since we didnít have much time. The following was taken by the clip camera, and itís from the mineral exhibit.

The giant diorama of the city of Los Angeles that was made a couple of years after WWII was on display. For many years it was in the basement, but now itís where a lot of people will see it, in the ďBecoming Los AngelesĒ exhibit. (photo taken w/ iTouch)

Lastly, a picture taken with the iTouch of a T-rex display.

That was Saturday at the museum, with T. I havenít mentioned it on this journal, but T and I have been hanging out a lot. Sheís a good friend, nothing else. Iím still holding out hope for TheDesire, of course. Which is completely stupid, but what are you going to do? However, I wonder, as I think is natural, if spending enough time with someone makes you like them a little more than just a friend. Iím really not interested in T, but at the same time when I think about it itís not a bad thought. We have a lot in common. Sheís super reasonable, and smart, and nice. I wonder why these dopes she is finding on a dating site canít figure out to pursue her correctly. When I went after TheDesire I tried hard to get her attention. I tried hard to keep myself on her scope. It didnít work, but I still went for it. These dopes are playing it too casual. Yeah, but what do I know? Iím still single. Forty two and still single.

When it comes to T, I wish her the best in this quest for a husband. The last guy she was with fit like a glove, with some holes. His biggest flaw, in her mind, was that he didnít want to have a family. Now sheís looking for a replacement that is going to be as good as the last guy, but also wants a family. Itís gonna be tough. Sheís set course on something that might not happen for a few years. She wants it now, because she was so close to it before. But there are times in life when we are so close to our goal that we can taste it. We think we have it made. We donít, we fail, and we wonder what went wrong. We donít have to start all over again, because we have knowledge. But it sure does feel like weíve started at zero.

* * * * * *

Sunday was work day, but then after work T wanted to go to Disneyland. Her pass will expire within the next two months, and she wants to get the most out of it before then. The prices of the passes went up, which is why she is not sure that sheís going to renew. Once again I used my new camera to chronicle my day. This first picture is of the roof of the parking structure.

This one was while I was on the tram.

Once inside the park the mini camera continued to take pictures. Too bad it didnít get this one in full frame.

I was starving, and T was only a few minutes behind me. I decided to get a quick snack at the Coke corner, where they sell hot dogs.

The following is taken with my iTouch of the mac and cheese dog. Quite yummy.

Here are a couple randomly taken around the park.

While waiting in line for Peter Pan the camera took this picture of a girl with big boobs. Hey little camera, make sure you take more like these.

The back of the castle, taken with my iTouch. The sunset light really made everything pop.

Next we went to Itís a Small World. One of the features of the clip camera is that you can take a picture any time you want by tapping the camera twice. I did that with this picture, and I think it came out pretty nice.

Last photo is of T, while waiting in life for some coffee at the end of the night.

Nice little weekend. Today I just did a quick couple of errands with my aunts. Nothing else.

End Communication.

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