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Stupid Monday -- 07.29.14
My Monday was pretty stupid. if I had the time I would elaborate, but for now I wanted to share some photos.

This first one is from Facebook. A friend posted it, and it drove me nuts. I hate these "Repost this stupid photo to honor something/someone" things. Mainly because i don't get how reposting some dumb photo is honoring someone. You honor someone by celebrating their lives. By remembering them in your heart. By following their life as an example for your life. Not some dumb post on Facebook.

The photo above is of a guy setting up shop outside the library. I think he was going to draw, but the security guards didn't let him stick around enough to find out. I called it his "homeless office."

Lastly, it's time for me to renew my Disneyland pass. It will cost me $640, at least. The flyer says there's up to a $60 discount, which means I would pay last year's price, not this year's price of $699. Damn, it sucks that I love going to Disneyland so much.

End Communication.

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