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The number eleven in my life -- 09.09.14
The number 11 is connected to TheDesire, in my life anyway. A few years back she mentioned how she was going to celebrate the date 11/11/11 with her brother. He killed himself, but she was still going to celebrate it in her own way. I wanted to get in on that celebration, because I had a crush on her. Alas, it didnít happen. Though Iím still fighting the good fight, since I donít know better than to give up.

Anyway, my point in all this is that I see the number eleven a lot. Of course itís a coincidence, but itís also because Iím hyper sensitive to the number. However, since she went on some trip to Hawaii to be at some silent retreat Iíve been seeing A LOT of the number eleven. Cases in point.

Exhibit A, the parking spot that I parked in when I went to Santa Barbara on August 30th.

Exhibit B, the order number that I was given when I went to My Taco in Highland park with my Aunt and my Godmother.

Exhibit C, the amount I paid for my dinner after working this past Sunday at work. $11.11.

TheDesire comes back to work tomorrow, but I wonít be there. Iíll be back at work on Thursday, but Iíll be on my route. Thursdays used to be the best day of the work week, because I was able to see TheDesire. Now, I donít know. I may still see her, but it wonít be a guarantee.

Why is it too much to ask this fucking world to have her give me a chance? Fucking shit!

End Communication.

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