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Please, let it mean something -- 10.05.14

I put my photos up on display at the library this past Thursday day. Of course I picked the one that TheDesire likes, hoping that she would spot it. Well, Thursday, my route day, she finally did. Said she wanted to buy it. I told her I would sell it to her for a dollar. She said she would take me to dinner, "or something." I told her that was fair. Ha! Of course it's fair! But I also told her that it was her birthday gift from way back in March. I told her I didnít remember how I still ended up with it, but of course I know why. She didnít want it back then. I should have just given it to her back then and damn the torpedoes. But Iím a big coward.

Then she sent me a text that I will admit could mean nothing, but my mind fixated on it because of the potential. It said, "Can't wait to hang it in our house." Of course the "lol" and the "j/k" adds to what she said. But I've learned that people don't voice such things unless they are thinking them in the first place. I don't know that my response was a good one. But, I had to throw it out there. Had to. I just said, ďAlong with the other pictures of our travels?Ē She didnít directly respond to that, just saying, ďHmm, I think itís one of my favorites though.Ē

Boy, I have really asked the Universe for a lot lately. This is either the granting of some of that wish, or a set-up to more mockery later. I mean come on, that's not something you just say. So-so said that it was probably an innocent remark, and not to read too much into it. She's most likely right, but I DO want to read more into it, because it was such a nice thing to hear. It's wishful thinking, of course. It was probably just a throwaway remark, like So-so says. Oh, but if it's not, I'm going to HAVE to make a play when we go to dinner. Have to.

End Communication.

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