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Ferndell saves -- 10.11.14
I was hesitant to do this driver thing this morning. Being stuck in traffic I thought about how I don't need this. I don't need to drive even more miles. I need to find another way to make money. If only someone would buy my photos, then things would be easier. But of course nothing is ever easy, and this Lyft thing just felt wrong this morning. It was a bad omen that I left nearly forty-five minutes before the appointment, and yet I was STILL late. Just damn stupid traffic. Fucking hate the traffic on the 101. It's fucking bullshit! I was to pick this mentor up at his place in Glendale at 10:30am. It was 10:40 by the time I got off the freeway. I texted him, told him I was sorry but that I was no longer interested. To me it was a matter of, if it's this difficult I don't want to do it. I deleted the app, got a text back from the guy and said fuck it. I was super early for work, so I decided I needed to go somewhere to think. The Observatory was a good place, seeing as I was so close. Wrong. There was no parking, and I didn't want to walk from where I was going to end up parking. So I drove down to Ferndell and parked there. I walked around, took some pictures, and generally just tried not to think about what just happened. Today, started out bad.

I eventually drove to work. My first stop was the giant printer. I was told that the giant printer would possibly be networked by today. Wrong! It's not. I went down there with the laptop and tried to get it to work. Of course it didn't. I'm going to tell my pseudo supervisor that we can't rely on that printer now. It's a brick by virtue of the fact that it's not networked. I mean come the fuck on, IT guys! All me efforts to get this thing going earlier than later have run up against a wall. I hate that shit. Oh well, why should I give such a damn anyway? It's just my job, not my life. Life is SO much more important. I don't even know why I care. I shouldn't give a damn. Today, I don't.

After work tonight I wanted to go to Disneyland. But stupid me, since I went to Ferndell I didn't go get gasoline. I was down to a quarter tank. I think I could make it, but I figured that it would be better if I go tomorrow. Fewer people than tonight. I was still hungry, which was the reason I wandered to Tommy's. I had some yummy chili-cheese fries, and a burger. I came home, my aunt called me about our neighbor just before I took a nap in my car before driving home. Food is like a sleeping pill to me these days. I drove home, my aunt was waiting for the police. She went to the police station with my cousin, reported her concerns about our neighbor, and came back home to wait for them to arrive. As I write this that was two hours ago. I don't think they'll come tonight. They'll probably come some time tomorrow. Whatever. Today I don't give a fuck about anything. That drive to my appointment just made me ask, "Why do I give a fuck?" I shouldn't.

End Communication.

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