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Fuck you, San Diego Chargers -- 12.16.14

The San Diego Chargers are not moving to Los Angeles... at least for now. Hopefully for never. I fucking HATE the Chargers. Mainly because of the fact that CBS has this asinine contract that forces them to show Charger games her in Los Angeles because they are the closest team to the city. There are dopes that want to watch football SO badly that they are willing to watch a fucking also-ran team like the Chargers, just because they are close by. Iím a 49er fan and a Patriots fan. Brady to me is the second coming of Montana. He just wins. I think it would be an abomination if the Chargers came to town.

Mainly this comes from the fact that I donít like the Chargers being the Southern California team by default. The Raiders have more roots here than the Chargers have, because they actually played here. Not only that, they won the city their only NFL Superbowl championship. And they played in downtown, the Coliseum. The only fucking stadium to host two Olympic games in the modern era.

Hearing the news that the Chargers arenít moving up here made my day. Even if they move here next year I wonít follow them. I rather the NFL give us a new team, named the Los Angeles Express, like the old USFL team. That was another team that won a championship for the city. Not that anyone noticed. Still, they at least were from Los Angeles. Not some asshole transplant from a wannabe city like San Diego.

I know things donít always work out like I want them to work out. Which is why I doubt the NFL will keep this city without a team for too much longer. Itís been twenty years since we had a team. I never felt the Rams were our team, because they didnít even plan in the city, or even in the same county. At least the Raiders played downtown.

End Communication.

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