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Avoiding TheDesire -- 01.06.15
The grind of work continues. Now there aren't any holidays to look forward to, it's just work, work, work. I'm scheduled to work until 9:30pm on Friday. Last Friday I went to my local library after work in order to not go straight home and get an earful from my aunt.

MicroManager asked me if I could work the route, have dinner, and then return to work on the event. I said sure. Events are pretty chill. MicroManager scheduled a two hour lunch, which is just find for me. That's what I was hoping for. I figured I would treat myself to a nice meal at Jax, come back and then just chill for a little bit in my car before returning to work. It's like she read my mind. Come Friday I'll have a nice meal at Jax, and then I'll return to work the event.

In other news, I know that TheDesire hasn't been at work, probably went out of town for new year's. Whatever. I knew I would see her some time after the new year, and sure enough I saw her today.

I saw her when I came into work. I was walking by the reference office after using the restroom. She was standing by the door, but I didn't see her directly, not until I passed the doorway. I had my head down, my headphones on full blast, and just walked by. I didn't try to ignore her, but I didn't make an effort to say hi after I noticed her in my peripheral vision. Since I had my headphones at full blast I have no idea if she said something when I walked by. My plan is not to make any extra efforts to talk to her. I used to, but not any more.

Later, I was going downstairs to take my break, and she was at the reference desk, I once again didn't make an effort to say hi. I just walked by and didn't turn back. It is probably petty of me to give her the cold shoulder, but I don't feel like interacting with her for a while.

I need to let some time pass before I make an effort to say hi. Perhaps after a month. I really liked this girl. Her rejection of me wasn't a surprise. I shouldn't have put the effort I did in 2014 to "win her over" as much as I did. It was a lost cause before I even started. Now I know, it is a lost cause. No use using any energy on her. She's nice and all, but certainly any effort on her is as good as dead upon arrival. So, for the next few weeks I'll not make that extra effort to interact with her. She won't even notice, I'm sure.

End Communication.

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