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Tired Library Monkey -- 02.16.15
Last night work was rough. Not because of anything the patrons did. They were the same silly bunch they always are. For some reason I was just taking what they did harder. So that’s on me. I was so tired when I got home. I can't say that it's all work that had me so tired. It's also just every little thing that comes at me these days. I need a change, but I don't know how to make that change. And I know that it's not easy to make changes when things are going relatively well. I certainly need to spend more of my free time doing some cool things. Also, need to give my aunt a wide berth. She has the ability to push my buttons. No one else knows those buttons, only her.

Work was whatever Sunday. The patrons suck the life out of me sometimes. I remember when I was thinking of not going to library school any more I thought of how I would be bored answering the same fucking questions day after day on the desk. "Where's the bathroom? Can you wave those fines? How do you print? What time do you close?" All those and more ran through my mind when I thought about sitting at the reference desk. And yet, here I am sitting on the reference desk twice a week. The route has saved me from being on the circulation desk on Thursdays and Fridays. Those are now the best days of the week. Wednesdays are still pretty cool, because despite being on the desk good things happen that day. It’s Sundays that beat me up. At least when I was on the info desk at CSUN I would get a larger variety of questions. It's this erosion of the novelty of answering questions that gotten to me where I am now... that is tired of people and their questions.

After the repairs today I'm going to have one less thing to worry about. My aunt will find something else to bitch about, but I need my free time. I plan on going to the zoo, and Franklin Canyon, the Huntington, and all these other places on my Saturdays off. Certainly I don't want to be home, to be a stagnant target for my aunt's questions and comments.

End Communication.

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