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Original iPhone Friday 01/52 -- 01.05.18

Location: San Luis Obispo

Story: I still own an original iPhone, the first one that came out in 2007. It's over ten years old now and obviously not the state of the art. Its camera isn't up to snuff compared to the cameras on phones these days. Nevertheless I start this project photographing things now with the old camera because it just has an old, quaint, feeling to it. Its 2.1 megapixel camera wasn't even the best on a phone back in 2007. But it did the job and started us on this photo-taking revolution we now live in.

For the first photo, in this 52 photo series, I pick a photo that I took up in San Luis Obispo while traveling to the Monterey peninsula. I had gone to a sandwich shop to get some food for the trip, but since it was Thanksgiving everything was closed. I took this photo on my way back to the 101.

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