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Nishika N8000 -- 01.01.20

My buddy Dane gifted me a "3D" camera called the Nishika N8000 (shown above). I kinda recognized the camera from years ago. I remembered that it was a camera that you had to send the film to the company to have them develop it. This was because the four pictures it takes at the same time needed to be combined into one print. The print, if I remember correctly, without going online to check this, was a combination of the four pictures taken so that when you tilted the picture from side to side the 3D effect would show.

I wanted to point out that once I take the pictures I can't just send them to a photo store to have them printed. It is a different process, and the film used to have to be sent to the company that made the camera. That was a LONG time ago. But these days the film can me developed that animated gifs can be made from the four pictures to give the illusion of a 3D print, only digitally.

Which means I'll try it out. I can just have the film developed and then I can scan it and do some Photoshop magic to bring the images together. I saw it all online. But first I have to buy some film. Nothing expensive, just regular old film.

End Communication and Happy New Year!

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