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Lunch Tray Nostalgia -- 2004-03-08
I'm on a nostalgic kick these days. I'm searching for some things from my youth. Like school lunch trays. I've been looking all over the web for a place that sells those lunch trays that schools serve food to kids on. Something has me wanting to eat on those things these days. Something about having my whole meal on one plate is so cool. Utensils, main entree, and dessert, all on one plate. Yeah, that's for me. Like a Hungryman dinner, without the peas in the peach cobbler though.

Shamrock shakes, I so missed them. Last week I went to McDonald's for lunch because I wanted to drink one of those things. I've missed them so. It's been years since McDonald's sold them. I don't know why they didn't sell them for all these years. But, whatever the reason they are back. I intend to drink as many as I can before they are taken off the menu again.

Continuing my nostalgia kick, I went on these two websites this week. Both devoted to Disneyland attractions that no longer exist. One in particular is devoted to one of my favorite attractions,

Adventure thru Inner Space. I remember riding that attraction when I was a kid and loving every minute of it. I loved that it was dark. If you remember the attraction the idea was that you would "shrink" and enter the world of the subatomic. They replaced it with Star Tours a few years back. Man, I wish there was a place where old attractions went when they are retired. A real place I could ride those old rides again.

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