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Don't care Anymore -- 2004-11-03
OK, so George Bush won the election. I'll tell you something that I don't say easily, this is no long my country. The allegiance I had for this country is now gone, almost completely. I say this with a heavy heart, but with a clear mind. I say it not only because Bush won, again. But rather I say it because the direction this country is heading towards is one that I never thought would be attractive to reasonable people. I know now that is country is not reasonable. There is a quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe that is applicable to how I feel about the people of this country. "I have often felt a bitter sorry at the thought of the German people, whish is so estimable in the individual, and so wretched in the generalty..."

This election has been very eye opening experience. I know now what I suspected, but didn't want to believe. This country doesn't believe in the ideals of the individual. Maybe the lesson it really taught me is to not care about anything. That way you won't be disapointed.

Maybe it's better this way. I've often worried myself sick over things that I care deeply about. But all these things that I care deeply about, democracy, the rights of the individual, are window dressing. They don't really exist any more, if they ever did exist. All those wonderful words that I read are dead. Brittle like the parchment they were written on, they have been crumbled by the politics of fear, and the economy of the corperation. Their fragility was buttressed by the individual exercising those rights to the fullest extent.

I see now that those rights can be thought of as disposable, whenever they interfere with the progress of the ruling class. And since the forces of evil have won yet again, I wonder if my personal struggle against them is a futile one. If one is to fight windmills one must be a bit out of shorts. Sadly I retain my faculties. In doing so I grow weary of the fight, because I don't see the windmill as a giant, I see it for what it is, a windmill.

I once love this country. I can't say that as long as George Bush is president. I may never say it again. I simply don't care anymore. I may never care about anything ever again. I have always thought that the lost cause is really the only one worth fighting for. But, there is a downside to fighting those lost causes. The fight takes a little more out of you every time you lose. A person can only take so many defeats before they give up. I'm reaching that point now, and I'm not sure that I'll recover.

I thank John Kerry for fighting the good fight. I thank him for taking up the lost cause. I thank him for wanting to help, and wanting to make things right. It's a noble cause, if often a lost one. Lastly I wanted to show my anger at the Bush victory by saying this to him... FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU George Bush!

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