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Degeneracy of others -- 10.19.05
I have a new printer! (pictured right) Yay, hell yeah! My old printer was such a bitch lately. I had nothing but problems trying to make copies and printing. Most of the time I would end up with ink all over my hands, and a blown gasket. I bought some ink about three weeks before my old printer died. The stupid printer was saying that I was out of ink after three days. Meanwhile I had printed out nearly nothing in those three days. ARGH! In short, the damn printer was nothing but a problem.

There are many things that try my patients, and make me question the humanity of some people. But today I was reading someone's blog about how they can't ever be as mean as she should be, and it reminded me about something I read in the Tao.

"In dealing with others, be gentle and kind. In speech, be true. In ruling, be just. No fight: No blame."
- Tao te Ching

"I was just following orders," has been used to justify the worst in humanity. It is the excuse of the mob that goes along with barbarity and then washes their collective hands in the supposed absolution of going along with the crowd.

I bring this up because something pissed me off yesterday. It was the stupidest little thing, but I so wanted to lash out and tell this person that pissed me off to go take a flying leap. I also thought to just barrage this person with mean/witty/cutting remarks. But then I read a friend's blog I mentioned before, I thought about the quote above, and then I reconsidered all those mean things I was planning. My advice to my friend was to say that I was, "Glad you're not going to the "dark side," so to speak, just because people suck and they want to drag you down to their level of degeneracy." The same goes for me really. There is NO excuse, that I can think of, to be dragged down with the crowd and later clam absolution. There is no excuse to turn away from my humanity.

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