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Where's the buffet? -- 01.06.06
(1:38 p.m.) I'm sitting here at Hometown Buffet about to eat some lunch/breakfast. I guess that would be brunch huh? But it's not Sunday, so does it count as brunch? Maybe someone can tell me if brunch is only considered brunch on Sundays. Coming here to eat a little salad and a couple of other things seems like kind of a waste since it's basically all you can eat here. Everyone here seems to be overweight, and really pile on the food on their plates. Wait, what am I saying "seems," they ARE overweight. I can't eat that much though, I get full way too fast these days.

The packet of Dentyne Fire that I have in my messenger bag has something to say.

Apparently, Dentyne Fire thinks that I should beware of those who would overuse the word "Paradigm." My dictionary describes paradigm as, "One that serves as a pattern or model -- A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline." I think Dentyne Fire is right; anyone who uses the word paradigm is obviously a very dangerous person.

Someone on from my MySpace friend's list disappeared this week, but I can't figure out who it was that deleted me as their friend. LOL

(3:56 p.m.) A couple of mornings ago I logged on to MySpace and saw the page above (blurred to protect the innocent). At first glance, I noticed that there were fewer faces on the page. I'm still trying to figure out who the hell it was. Not that it matters, they obviously made their decision, but not knowing something always drives me crazy. The next time this happens I'll know who deleted me. Oh well.

I get attached to inanimate objects. It's strange but for some reason I tend to think that mechanical things have souls. Not like you or I, but I've dealt with machines long enough to know that each of them have different personalities. There's a kind of mechanical soul to things, I believe. It's not like our souls, but since machines do have a sort of life that means that they must have some sort of soul. My point in this is that I have an old 2.1 mega pixel camera that I replaced a couple of years ago with a super nice 5.1 mega pixel camera. My point with all this is that I feel an affinity towards my old Canon S100 because it's the first digital camera I ever owned. But, I'm finding it harder to justify carrying it around when my S500 takes way better pictures. Case in point, Tuesday I took this picture with my two cameras. The first is with my old S100, the second of course is with my S500.

I didn't do edit either of these except resize them both to fit online, and convert the S500 into black and white because I took the picture in color. The S100 I took originally in black and white. It's silly to even say that a machine can have a soul, but it's how I feel. It must also sound stupid or silly to read that I actually like the things I own. It's like saying I like my toaster because it makes good toast. A camera is special because it captures images that have meaning to me. They are memories I don't want to forget, so I aim and shoot.

My old camera still takes pretty decent pictures, WAY better than say any cell phone camera. What I often try to do is get my friends to take pictures with my old camera. I try to make the picture taking process somewhat communal. It's communal during the time when you gather around to look at pictures, but photography doesn't seem to be communal when it comes to the actual picture taking. Only problem with my plan is that no one ever follows my lead. I have handed my camera to a few of my friends and they sit on it and don't take but a couple of pictures. One friend of mine did take a bunch of pictures, my friend Martin. He was the only one that took a ton of pictures.

Well, I best get out of her. I have to head to the airport tonight.
End communication.

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