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Letterboxed -- 07.07.06
I've been up since 4 a.m. because of work, so excuse me if I don't make sense at times. Then again, when do I make sense? OK, now that I got the self-deprecating humor out of the way I can start this journal entry.

A few nights ago I wanted to update my homepage by making the main window of the frameset larger. I thought about it and then told myself that the site was fine just the way it was. But the thought kept nagging me until I finally decided that I should just try it and if I don't like it I could always go back to the way it was. So the big news is that I updated my site, American Ecstasy, a bit the last night. I expanded the main window by 50 pixels, which makes for a wider viewing area (duh!). If you go here, or you're on it now, you will notice that the main window in the frameset is wider. I think this will make for a better site if only because it looks a little better. I know that was super interesting, so I'll move on to something even more boring.

Today a refrigerator repairman came to the house to check on the fridge because the water dispenser isn't working. Turns out it's not a problem with the fridge but rather with the stupid pipes in this damn old house. This house is quite literally falling apart from age. We had termites a few years ago and got rid of them with this electronic process, but then they came back. And they keep coming back. I'm pretty sure that the room next to mine is hanging on by a thread at this point. Every time I spray for termites in one spot they move to another spot and start eating away at the wood there. Why couldn't I have won that damn lotto this week? I would have put it to good use, paying off the mortgage on this place and demolishing it to build a nicer home. OH well, it's not meant to be. It's meant to be for me to be a house that's falling apart. Oh yeah, which reminds me that I was talking about the pipes. Turns out, the repairman said, that there isn't enough pressure in the line to make the water go through the valve in the fridge. Great, so now I have to figure out how I'm going to repair this problem. I notice that some of the faucets in the house run super slow, while others have super pressure that it seems that the faucet is more like a rocket. It makes no sense to me, but I'm not a plumber.

I just had a donut and I want another one. I'm worse than Homer Simpson at this point. I have to layoff the donuts or I'll end up a blimp. (moments later) OK, I got weak and went to the fridge and got the second to last donut. I'm eating it as I type this sentence right now. Man it tastes GOOD.

Six months into my Sirius satellite radio subscription I'm loving every minute of it. The other day someone was talking to me about something on regular radio and I told them, "I don't listen to regular radio anymore." They were like, huh? Then I told them that I had satellite radio and they were like, "that's nice." I don't think many people get the whole idea of satellite radio. Perhaps it's the concept of paying for radio they don't understand. But the majority of people pay for cable TV without blinking an eye. I just know that after listening to Sirius I won't ever go back to regular radio. The other day I was in someone's car who had the radio on. I wished that I had brought my satellite radio with me, but I leave it at home to record my favorite show, The Howard Stern show.

It surprises people that I listen to Howard Stern, but I'm not sure why. Everyone automatically gets some idea in their head about Stern that's tainted with thoughts of fart jokes. All I know is that it makes me laugh and that's something I'm willing to pay for. So many things in our lives are free because that's what they're worth. Course, sometimes you're apt to pay for something and not get your money's worth. In this case I'm getting more than my money's worth. I get to listen to my favorite show uncensored, as well as a ton of commercial free music. My cousin wants to get it because she has literally broken the buttons on her car's radio because she is constantly searching for a radio station that has a song she likes, or isn't in the middle of a long commercial break. It's a futile search, I think. Actually I know it's a futile search since I noticed that she now uses her iPod in the car. So anyway, that's my rant about my satellite radio.

I think I'm going to get something to eat and then watch a little TV before I go to bed early. I have work early tomorrow morning too, and that sucks so much. Anyway, go check out my expanded homepage (American Ecstasy).

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