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Idiot Day -- 07.24.06
Sunday turned out to be idiot day at work. Everyone was such a total fucking idiot, and it started early. I had work from 6 a.m. and at 6:20 there was already a fucking damn stupid customer being a bastard. She gave me some stupid attitude, which I basically just shrugged off. If I hadn't I probably would have said something mean and that would open up a whole can of worms. I already got in trouble for talking "too much" last week. I certainly don't need mouthing off to a customer on top of that. It's bad enough that I'm on the shit list at work for some reason. I guess doing your job and doing it well merits getting on the shit list. What a fucking pile of crap.

The worst part is that everyone there seems to think my passivity is a sign of weakness in me. I don't happen to think that, but since everyone else is aggressive, they believe that everyone should be just like them. I fall into that category as well, only I wish everyone would become a pacifist. Another thing I wish is that everyone wouldn't be such an ass. The problem with working where I do is that I have to deal with so many people. In the past I would say that's a good thing, but not these days. I gravitate towards people that are like me, as everyone does. At work I interact with people of varying traits, some of them negative traits. I only interact with them for a few moments and they're gone, so it's not too bad. But co-workers are different because I'm spending the better part of my waking day with them in close proximity. That would be all right if some of them weren't such jerks.

Take for instance a manager that's going to do some special assignment and won't be around for at least four months. He's not terribly bad person, but for some reason he got a kick out of not giving me and others their deserved break. It hadn't happened for a while, but then Sunday he was in charge and he didn't give me my last break of the day. I told myself that if it happened again I would call the union, but I should talk to the store manager first. Course I could call my union to make sure that what they are doing is wrong. What if they don't have to give me a break at a certain time and I'm going to start bitching about it? Still, I doubt that the company would give me a break out of the goodness of its heart. If you think that's possible I have some nice swampland you might want to buy.

On an entirely frivolous subject, there's a show on ABC called "The One: the making of a music star" that I watched last week that's a complete and total train wreck. The show is horrible from top to bottom. "The One" is basically a rip-off of two shows, American Idol and The Real World. Course it does a bad job ripping both of those shows off. First, the most important aspect of any of these "talent" shows is having talented people. The singers supposedly represents "the best" unsigned talent in America. I think, however, that the producers are deaf and dumb. Why? Because the singers suck. There is one guy, a cross between the Michelin Man, the lead singer from Flock of Seagulls, and some goth wannabee kid. He's the only one that kinda sings well, but even he's not all that great. On any other competition he would not even make the top 10.

Second, the producers obviously went for looks instead of singing ability, I think in hopes that the "Real World" aspect of the show would carry the lackluster talent. Everyone on the show is right out of central casting, in that they are all cookiecutter stereotypes. There always has to be the super hot girl, that's practically a model, who supposedly has "the pipes" to belt out a song. I'm sorry, belting is not the sign of a good singer. Anyone can scream a song, it takes real talent to color a song with subtlety.

Third, the people judging the "singers" are pretty much the worst judges I've seen yet. There is something a little magical about the American Idol judges in that they have personalities that mesh very well. The judges on this "The One" show might represent some real talent in the music industry, but they certainly don't have what it takes in terms of TV charisma. One of the judges looks like the Joker from Batman, what with his multicolored mustache and goatee. And I do mean multicolored. He literally paints his mustache various colors in a desperate attempt to remain noticed by the whole of the world. The other judge is this girl who supposedly wrote a bunch of hits. I shouldn't say supposedly, she did write some hits. Still, she never really gives the "singers" any real good criticism. She will tell someone who just butchered a song that they did a good job slaughtering that song, I mean singing that song. Lastly there is this effeminate guy whose one big claim to fame seems to be that Puff Daddy was his intern. Funny how I didn't hear how he "discovered" Puffy, only that Puffy was his intern. So you know that there were times Puffy got on the shit list, like I am these days. Either way I enjoy watching the show BECAUSE it IS such a train wreck and it's fun to goof on something so completely stupid.

Lastly, I bought some new underwear last week. The other day I went to my drawer and noticed that didn't have any clean underwear. I thought to myself, "oh damn, now what?" Well, sure enough I couldn't even find my "spare" pair of underwear, so I went out, as "they" say, commando style (aka no underwear). Frustrated, the next day I went to Target and bought some Hanes. I didn't plan on buying underwear at Target because I usually get some Jockey underwear from Macy's. But the price was right, four pair for about $8, compared to one pair for $14 at Macy's. So I figured I would try them out and if I didn't like them it wouldn't be a big loss seeing as they only cost $8. Well I'm glad I took a chance because I think I like these Hanes better than the Jockeys I used to get. Only thing is that in the package of four there were two solid colored pair and two with some funny pattern. I scanned one of the patterns so you could see what I mean.

But like I said, the important thing is that they fit and they feel nice. There's a lot more to talk about but I have things to do around the house so I'll just stop for now.
End Communication.

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