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Replaced? Not so fast -- 05.07.07
A few days ago I wrote about how I submitted some pictures to the Northridge Review, the literary magazine on campus, and they had been rejected. Thursday I got a phone call saying that the Review wanted to use one of my pictures for the Fall 2007 issue. So I guess those dummies at the Review aren't all dumb, since they did pick one of my pictures. LOL And I guess I have egg on my face right now. I'm not taking back the things that I said about the pictures I critiqued last time, because they really were pretty bad pictures. But more importantly I can say that I've been published. It's only one picture in a small literary magazine in a smallish state university, but it's something. Here's the picture that made it into the magazine, btw.

So all I can say is... finally, I've FINALLY been published.

On a completely different subject... I'm so PUMPED up about the new Spider-man movie. I already have my tickets for Saturday at the IMAX in Universal City. This movie promises to be the BEST of the three. You don't know how much I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. After work on Saturday I'm going home, getting ready, and then I'm headed off to Spider-man 3 fools! I'll tell how incredible the movie is for all those who couldn't see it in IMAX... you poor devils.

Get this, Wednesday I arrive at work in the library to hear that we, the staff at the info desk, have been officially sanctioned for having too much fun while working. One particular visitor was seen behind the desk on her phone and it got us all in trouble. So for the last three weeks of the semester we will be without fun. Yeah right, like something this petty will prevent me from having fun. Either way though, we're in some hot water right now. So yeah, my boss said that it's sad that we have to suffer through the last three weeks of the semester without having fun. We'll have fun, we just have to be more discrete about it. But then again, today I walked up to the info desk and told my boss, "We should just be laughing all the time to really get under every one's skin." I'm just going to have the most fun I can have there, since I only have three weeks left at CSUN (more on this in a minute).

What's funny to me is that they think this action can bring down our spirit. It sure won't break my spirit, since who this is coming from is a bitter person who can't bear to see people smiling and enjoying life. What does suck is that I can't use my computer while at the desk now. It is the one thing that is hard to take about this whole thing. Thankfully on Saturday I'll be able to use my computer.

As I said just a paragraph before these are the last weeks I'll be spending at CSUN. It's strange how I didn't intend to getting attached to the place, but I have. I've met so many great people in all my classes. I've had the luck of getting a job at the library right in the middle of the entire school. And now I've been published for the first time. I remember the first day I stepped on campus just under two years ago I told myself that I wanted to make an impact and leave my mark on that school. I don't think that my footprint is as big as I wanted it to be that day, but it is a footprint none the less. The idea that it's nearly over sunk in as I drove to pick up my aunt from her job. There is a job that I'd like to get at the library that would be permanent, but it would be at the circulation desk, which is filled with sad faces. My boss at the info desk says that they need me over there to cheer them up. Believe me, I'm up to the challenge of turning that sad bunch into a happy go lucky gang. I'll hopefully get a chance to do that. For now I guess I'll just have to prepare myself for the end of a really nice period of my life... a real nice period of time. Perhaps the best time of my life. Made so much sweeter coming after one of the darkest periods of my life (the passing of my Grandmother).

I wish she was here so I could tell her all this. I miss talking to her more than anything. She was my best friend. Alas, life goes on and it only gets better. Honestly, I've had a great life so far. I have had a life that is nothing short of wonder. I'm thankful for that. These have been the best two years of my life... so far.
End Communication.

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