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The Happiest Moments -- 05.13.07
It's Sunday, I'm a few hours away from going to crappy work. They got me on some jacked up schedule these last couple of weeks. Once again it's Sunday and I'm working till midnight. I have a paper due on Wednesday, but I'm so not in the mood to do it right now. Still, I should be doing it instead of blogging. But, something about the pressure feels good. Let us turn back the clock a little to a few days back.

I got home early on Thursday, my short day of the week. I basically have a two weeks of school and I'm done. After that I'm a graduate and I'm officially adrift in the "real world." I was talking to my cousin about graduation, and that made me think about the ending of school and that did make me feel sad. I'm really going to miss CSUN . Again, it's been less than two years but I've really grown to a happy state there. Maybe because places like that suit my personality, and I really meld well into the college environment. So yeah, I'm feeling a little sad right about now because my time at CSUN is quickly coming to an end. That is unless I get that job at the library. I really do need to land on my feet there because I don't know where I'll go otherwise. Right now my options are to stay at crappy Ralph's, find another job, or get this job at school. Not the best options, unless you count the library job.

Either way I have decided that I'm not walking. The diplomas arrived at the library the other day, and that's really all I care about.

Somewhere in those boxes is MY diploma, the one I've worked hard all these years for. The one I should have gotten earlier, but glad that I'm getting now. Still, I don't want school to completely end just yet, but in a way I do. I'm really tired of school work, but not of the friendships. The other day a chair summed up my mood. I was sitting in my English 436 class when I looked over at a chair that seemed to have a smiling face (pictured below).

Tell me it doesn't look like it has a smiling face. That day I was having so much fun just hanging out. Fatticus Finch was putting dot stickers all over me, the sky was a powder blue, and all was right in the world. It could not have been better by a mile.

Here are my plans for the first few days after graduation. First I'm going to sleep in. Second I'm going to finally clean up my room. My damn room looks like a total mess. Case in point, my clean clothes spend more time in a pile than in my drawers. These days I'm pretty beat when I get home that I basically throw all my clean clothes in a pile that I pick through when I need something (pictured below).

It's just another thing I don't have time for. I know, I could be doing it right now but right now I SHOULD be doing my homework. HA! Instead I'm here wasting time.

Another thing I have to do is clean up my life. There are a lot of little things that need tidying up. Not the least of which is my car situation. You know, since I stopped driving my Subaru in November I haven't taken out all my personal items? All my stuff is still in the car. I need to get that thing out of the front yard already. It's not going to get fixed. I love my Subaru, and I hate my father's Nissan, but there's no way I want to drive either of them at this point. The Subaru is wonderful, but it doesn't move. The Nissan is horrible, and it's costing me a bundle in gasoline, but it does move at least. I rather get rid of both of them, get that library job, and get a new Prius. That's not going to happen any time soon though.

Anyway, I should get back to trying to finish this paper. Here's a picture of a squirrel I was feeding yesterday, for no other reason other than it was cute.

End Communication.

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