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Such bullshit -- 11.20.10
Today was a study in how stupid people ruin EVERYTHING. Case in point, the following dummy.

I went to pick up my Aunt at work Friday night, because the rain was threatening. That and she wanted to buy a few things. Well, the cashier double billed us on one item and we had to go to the front desk to get it resolved. There was someone ahead of me, but clearly I was second in line. The other person left and then I was the only one left. My aunt ran back to the cashier to complain and get her money back. He told her to go to the front desk. The guy at the desk was cleaning up what he had been working on with the previous customer. I didnít move an inch. Up comes the guy pictured above. He doesnít stand behind me, he stands close to the desk, but not right next to it. The customer service guy at the desk finally lifts his head and says, ďWhoís next?Ē I tell him, ďShe is,Ē meaning my aunt, who has the receipt in her hand and is standing RIGHT NEXT to the customer service guy. He then looks at the other guy who arrived only thirty seconds before and asks again who was next. The douche guy who came after me says heís next, and the dumb customer service guy helps him right away. I wanted to fucking throw a chair at both of them. I wanted to spit fire and tell the line cutter guy pictured above that he KNEW he arrived AFTER me and my aunt. But I didnít want to bother because an outburst like that doesnít make things any better. Internally I wanted to shock both of these dummies in the face with a hammer. Fucking Costco!

Then thereís the douches at work. Case in point, the douches that didnít fill the paper towel dispenser for TWO DAYS! When I arrived Thursday morning I used the restroom and found that there were no paper towels. The following picture was taken Friday evening at around 4pm.

TWO fucking days?! Really?! I mean come on. But thatís OK, I enjoy drying my hands on my jeans, totally defeating the purpose of washing them in the first place. I totally enjoy using toilet paper to dry my hands, and having that toilet paper fall apart in my hands. Fuck!

Lastly there is whatís inside the following truck.

Whatís in the truck, you ask? My paycheck, thatís what. This week I got a 1.2% paycut. Itís not enough that I make a pittance, and that my next paycheck will be halved because I wonít work next week. No, thatís not enough. The truck in the picture is filled with new desks and new fancy chairs. It represents the money I was taken away. It represents the wasteful nature of government. Instead of buying this new furniture how about not making my salary expendable? How about I only get cut .5% instead of buying a dozen $500+ office chairs that arenít really needed. Because the old desks and chairs are beaten up, I will say that. But in times of austerity the purchase of these expensive chairs and tables is an insult. Worse than an insult, itís an affront to everyone that works at that job. The timing couldnít have been more perfect. Iím going to struggle to make it from here into the new year and the library is purchasing thousands of dollars of office furniture. Thatís some cocksucking bullshit.

End Communication.

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