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Dump the TV -- 01.07.12

Today I went and dumped my old TV at the dump. Itís big, it doesnít work, and itís just taking up space. Also, my Auntís been bitching about when I was going to take it to the dump. Today being my day off I figured I best just get this thing and put it in the car and dump it. Otherwise my Aunt will have more ammunition to use on me. I get it, you want the TV gone... you donít have to tell me every other weekend. Iím busy! I have things I want to do, not have to do.

But anyways, itís gone now. I didnít eat until 2pm today. Left to my own devices I notice that I donít eat breakfast. I eat one meal a day and itís usually something that I think is going to taste really good, but always disappoints me with its blandness. Fuck! About the only food that I liked lately is dessert. But man can not live on dessert alone... can he?

Now Iím all sleepy after eating a Subway sandwich. ARGH, I went to get my hair cut and instead of going to the Subway right next to the barbershop I went to the one next to where I used to live. A pointless exercise in nostalgia, or something, caused me to drive out of my way to get my sandwich there. Itís not like the sandwiches are made better there or anything. Itís just my own stupidity and wanting to drive down the street to see if there was something else to eat. Well, I get there and of course I get Surly Duff for my ďsandwich artist.Ē Who is having a great day, obviously. Doesnít even do the stupid, ďWelcome to SubwayĒ line when I enter. I give her my order and she seems to shrug a little and twist her lips ever so slightly. Whatever, we all hate our jobs... just make my sandwich. All throughout the transaction she just seemed like she wanted to run away screaming. I mean come on.

Believe me, tomorrow Iím not looking forward to working because I get the shit patrons all day long. Patrons that feel entitled, feel they donít have to wait in line because theyíre ďspecial.Ē Know what? I donít acknowledge this ďspecialnessĒ you see to feel you have. Bastards!

If anything that sort of attitude makes me want to treat you worse. Still, when I work I rarely show patrons my contempt. I spill my contempt on these pages and while talking to my co-workers. Itís a courtesy not to let the selfish son of a bitch patron know that you want to wring their neck. Ah shit! I need a Disneyland churro.

End Communication.

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