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Exhibit ends, walking Silverlake -- 04.01.12

The last of the month marked the last day of my ďexhibitĒ at The Coffee Table in Eagle Rock. It was a pretty unceremonious end to a month of my pictures being up in public. I didnít sell any of my prints... oh well. It would have been nice to sell at least one. It wasnít meant to be, I suppose. Anything having to do with my art seems to go nowhere, and I should be used to that. But this had so much promise: a lot of eyes looking, and the possibility of a pair or two of those eyes wanting to buy my work. Alas, it didnít materialize. I have my work back, now I just have to put it back up in my room for now.

* * * * * *

TheGirl and I started late on Saturday since we slept in in the morning. She laments waking up so late, but I told her that itís a Saturday and her day off. Why shouldnít she be asleep until later in the morning? Itís only fair. After breakfast we drove down to get my work. We didnít really have any plans for the rest of the day, but since driving through Silverlake I wanted to return there and walk around. You know, explore another part of the city. One I havenít really done so at all. But by the time we finished with the Coffee Table we were getting hungry again. I made the long trek to the Veggie Grill in Hollywood. Since I took surface streets it took about an hour to get there from Eagle Rock. In that time we got extra hungry.

Iíve had four meals at the Veggie Grill, and itís become a favorite of mine, as well as TheGirl. Sheís like me, she likes one thing on the menu and sticks to that. But Iím trying not to always do that, so I have decided that with the Veggie Grill Iím going to try new things. This time I tried their cheeseburger, El Dorado style. Which means they add caramelized onions and jalapenos (pictured below).

It was super. I have yet to be disappointed by a meal at the Veggie Grill. Damn good food. TheGirl also ordered a side of Buffalo wings, meatless, that I found to be more appealing and flavorful than actual wings. I donít like Buffalo wings in general, because they have so little meat. Itís mostly the damn sauce. Might as well just drink that out of a bottle.

After lunch we decided to walk off our meals by walking around Silverlake. I wanted to check out the sites, and take a few pictures, and do a little walking with my cute girl. Here she is in front of the many pieces of street art found on the Silverlake portion of Sunset blvd (pictured below).

Sheís so cute. I Love her very much. With all my heart really. Iím glad to have her in my life. I wouldnít want to change a thing. Even our mini break-ups have been worth it at the end of the day. Because weíve moved passed them to a life shared. All I ever wanted was someone to share this life with. Someone to share the good and the bad. To be there to experience this world with. Simple as that. I have that with TheGirl. And I plan on having that for a long time. Hopefully until I die.

* * * * * *

On a side note to the walking around Silverlake... We went into the 99 cent store because TheGirl needed some stuff. While looking around the store I found this wonderful little toy (pictured below).

And itís battery powered, so you know your kids will have a million time fun. Whatís funny about this is that number one, someone marketed this sort of thing to people in lieu of a real iPad. But the fact that it simply has a mini light inside that lights up is supposed to make it somehow better is what cracks me up. I remember seeing candy containers that looked like a Nintendo Gameboy long ago. At least those had candy. So I fail to get the notion behind this sort of product. At least the fake Gameboy came with real candy. This comes with nothing but a chuckle.

End Communication.

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