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Hoarder house -- 11.25.12
Saturday I visited Talia del Monte’s house. I’ve been avoiding her for a while, because talking to her always brings me down. She doesn’t seem to have any hope in her life. Well, she called me again last week and instead of avoiding her I felt bad and actually called her back. Sure enough, it was a mistake to do so. When I arrived at her house she was a mess. Dirty from clean to toe, clothes dirty, hair unwashed. She confessed to me when we talked on the phone the other day that she hasn’t taken a shower in weeks. Her house is somehow an even bigger mess (pictured below).

This is her front yard. I don’t even want to imagine the inside of her house. Which Talia herself has said is an even bigger mess since her dogs shit all over the place on top of the trash.

Her mom is a hoarder, and saves every scrap of paper she’s ever come across. Suffice to say, spending a couple of hours with Talia just made me more depressed. I wish I had the resources to just haul away all that junk.

Talia’s mom is dying of cancer. Neither of them are well. Talia looks ill and is emaciated. Clearly her mind snapped a long time ago, because she thinks her neighbor’s concerns over her eyesore of a house is them “butting in” on her business. I wanted to tell her, “No... you’re house is just such an eyesore that they don’t want to see it anymore.” She told me that one of her neighbor’s called the police saying she was dead. I think it was a move to get the authorities to do something about the fucking mess of a house. What would be the use in trying to tell Talia and her mother that the mess she has is not only an danger, but does make the entire neighborhood look bad. And reflects badly on both of them, because they are thought to be mentally ill, which is probably accurate.

Talia is supposedly cleaning up the mess, but it will take her forever and a day with the pace she’s keeping. It’s so sad. I just wanted to leave as soon as I arrived. Talia is a shell of what she was when I first meet her. She was always a little off center, so stay the least. Now she’s completely gone. I hate to say it, but I have my own problems, and don’t need Talia’s shit in my life. It was a good idea to avoid her. I’ll continue to do so from now on.

End Communication.

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