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Chandaka is a monkey -- 12.02.12
My Aunt and Uncle from Mexico arrived at my house yesterday around 1am, which I guess technically means they arrived today. They had some slight problems crossing the boarder, because they’re staying nearly a month and the border patrol agents were wary of why they needed to stay so long. Duh, they’re visiting family! Then again, better safe than sorry.

While they were struggling with that I went over to TheGirl’s place so we could drive down to Downtown Disney. TheGirl wanted to buy me my Christmas gift using my annual pass discount. Why buy it so early? Because she is, in her words, “going to be busy every weekend this month.” See, this coming weekend she’s going off to SF with TheChisel. The following weekend she’s going off with TheHusband. The weekend after that she really hasn’t said what she’s going, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m busy with family things these weekends, so her schedule actually isn’t a burden on me since I’m going to be busy with my own things.

It’s still sorta strange to hang out with TheGirl knowing that she’s also hanging out with TheChisel. TheHusband not so much. And actually TheChisel doesn’t matter either because I don’t think he stands much of a chance at sticking around for very long. He thinks so, but TheGirl has told him numerous times that if he doesn’t like the situation that he can just leave. When he finds out the real deal that’s what he’s going to do.

Anyway, here is TheGirl and I at Downtown Disney. We went to get my christmas gift, as I said earlier. And we also went to eat The Earl of Sandwich restaurant.

My Italian sandwich was par, nothing super great. However, the price was right. Earl of Sandwich is easily one of the least expensive meals one can have anywhere on the Disney property. Also, it’s pretty good, and offers free refills of their version of an Arnold Palmer, made with Earl Grey tea.

We took our monkey Chandaka along (pictured below), so that “he” can wave at the passing cars.

I’m pretty sure that I haven’t mentioned how Chandaka came to come with us when we have our little adventures. I picked “him” up one day afterwards and started puppeteering him. I didn’t want to give him a “voice” and “talk” for him, so I figured that Chandaka would communicate via pantomime. One of the things I liked was to take him when TheGirl was driving and having him wave at people. TheGirl quickly picked up on that and now once in a while she will have him wave at people.

The monkey has a cute face, and easily lends itself to being manipulated by me or TheGirl. TheChisel even bought him a shirt. I created a Facebook account for him. I like posting cute things about him. I think I might start reposting them here. Yeah, I think I’m pretty clever. It is funny that TheChisel talks to the monkey thinking that it’s TheGirl posting the stuff on his Facebook page. TheGirl and I often speculate if TheChisel knows who Chandaka’s personality comes from. I wonder too. Sometimes it seems TheChisel knows. Other times it doesn’t. By that logic I can state that it is more likely that he knows and sometimes plays along that he doesn’t. Anyway, here’s another picture of Chandaka. I think it’s the best picture I’ve taken of him yet. Why? Because it shows all his cute features. Like his perma-smile, his ears, and those eyes (one of which is a little off).

* * * * * *

Lastly I wanted to share a picture that I posted on Instagram the other day. The picture above shows the lovely Fall colors. I took it down the street from my place, right on the corner. The leaves in this city are turning this lovely color right now. Couple that with a nice rain to clean out the air and you have a wonderful moment in time.

End Communication.

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