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End of the year catch-up -- 12.29.13
Itís been nearly an entire month since Iíve updated whatís been going on in my life. I try to keep up with things, but Iím kinda busy actually living. I do journal quickly on my site, but what I should do is do both here and there. But I want this journal to be more of a long form thing. OK, enough of that, let me update you one stuff thatís been going on.

1) The whole thing with TheDesire finally went down. I took her to see the movie ďGravityĒ last Saturday after my buddyís sisterís wedding. I met her close to work, because we were on a curfew. I would have liked to have taken her to the Hollywood Arclight, but oh well. I was a little hungry since I was coming from the wedding, and I missed the reception. Damn timing. As we sat there in the restaurant a pair of our co-workers saw us sitting together. I saw them too. I knew this would mean people were gonna talk. Let them talk. Theyíre jealous that Iím hanging out with the most desirable woman at work. After dinner we bolted over to the movie theater, and guess who we saw coming out at THE SAME TIME!? TheGirl, who was with TheChisel and her daughter. I mean come on, what kind of bullshit was that. TheGirl later talked to me about her reaction that night and she said that seeing me with another woman hit her hard. OH yeah? Well, now she knows how it feels when I had to deal with her bringing TheChisel into my life. Bullshit. I set this whole thing up to one day spring this idea that I was dating someone, so in that sense my set-up had the desired effect. However, my want to date TheDesire went down the drain when at the end of the night I asked her out on a formal date. My buddy told me last night that I was a fool to ASK, I should have just kissed her. Ah, thatís not my style. I mean, it would have been nice to at least have gotten a kiss from her before the big rejection. However, things donít work in that boyhood way. She would have pulled back and the entire thing would have been awkward. This way, I donít burn bridges. She wants me as her friend. OK, I guess thatís what Iíll be. For now. But that cantí last for long. Iím a man that desires her. I canít think that desiring her and hanging out with her is a good combination. However, I can also be strong and know my limits. Ha! Yeah, right!

2) The promotion that I was talking about earlier in the month went through. I had an interview, which was a formality. My boss gave me the wink, wink early on and made it known that she wanted me for this job. She didnít hand anyone else the paperwork. The same night of my interview the boss formally offered me the job. I accepted, of course. Tomorrow will be my first day on the reference desk. Iím a little nervous, and definitely excited. I have to get a new nice wardrobe. TheGirl gifted me a few nice shirts for Christmas, so Iíll use a couple of those for now. But, I really have to get some dress shirts.

3) Last Sunday I had stomach problems while at work. My shift became a shitty night where my body was giving out on me, but I still had to finish my shift. I somehow survived, but what followed was nearly a week where my stomach was queasy. I didnít eat but one meal on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday I thought I was feeling better, but I wasnít 100% yet. I ate dinner with my aunt at Du-pars in Studio City, but it really didnít sit well. I just felt tired. Thursday i felt better, but I seemed to have a bit of a relapse. Thankfully by Friday I had a full meal and my stomach seemed to be back to normal.

4) My carís check engine light came on a few weeks ago, just before a routine oil check. The dealer checked the car and found nothing. They reset the computer and I went on my merry way. Until a couple of days later the damn light came back on. This time they found a couple of things wrong with the car. Minor things, and thankfully some warranty that the car is still covered by helped my final cost to only be $100. Woo!

5) After my failure with TheDesire I booked my trip up to Big Sur in February with TheGirl. I was hedging my bet thinking that if TheDesire did say yes to going out with me that the plans I had with TheGirl would have to be broken for obvious reasons. TheGirl and I have been talking about going back to Big Sur. However, those plans were tentative. She said that she knew it was Valentineís weekend that we would be traveling, and that it obviously had connotations. Also, she said that perhaps by then I would be dating someone. So yeah, I wanted to be dating someone. There really isnít anyone else on the horizon just yet, so I booked the trip. I booked two hotels on this trip. I didnít want to be too far away from Big Sur, but at the same time on Saturday I wanted to be close to Monterey. So, I booked the Big Sur River Inn for Friday night, and the La Quinta in Monterey for Saturday. Best of both worlds. Close to Big Sur for Saturday, and then based in Monterey for Saturday night/Sunday morning. Letís hope this doesnít turn into some sort of mess. Nah!

6) i took my aunt to Forest Lawn yesterday because she wanted to start making arrangements for her passing. Sheís not dying, she just wants to get some things done now that sheís officially retired. She has some money from her 401k that she wants to put towards her funeral expenses. She asked me to check online for this stuff, but I told her that this is something thatís VERY personal and that it canít just be done online. Hence me taking to her to Forest Lawn. In a couple of weeks we go back to make the arrangements.

Lastly, I wanted to reference something a fellow blogger (is that the proper term?) said on her journal. To quote English Sucks:

I think one of the saddest things is when two people really get to know each other: their secrets, their fears, their favourite things, what they love, what they hate, literally everything, and then they go back to being strangers. Itís like you have to walk past them and pretend like you never knew them, never even talked to them before, when really, you know everything about them.Ē

Sheís right. It sucks to pretend. It reminds me of a few months ago when I was in Pasadena and saw TheGirl walking down the street with TheChisel. I had to pretend that I didnít see them, and then I had to stare down at my iPhone with my headphones on so that I could say I didnít see her. And then she sent me a text and asked if I was in Pasadena. I said I was, and how did she know. But, of course I knew how she knew. Bullshit! She hasnít brought up having any plans for New Yearís Eve. This year I think I just want to be home. Weíll see. Youíre all caught up.

End Communication.

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