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Huaraches and Santa Barbara -- 08.30.14
Last night my buddy and a coworker went to dinner. My buddy was buying. I think he wanted to thank the both of us for keeping him sane during work. We went to a place in Eagle Rock that specializes in huaraches. What is that? The following.

I had some chilaquiles (pictured below). Damn good.

The breakfast menu was like a trip through my youth. My grandmother made me many of these dishes for breakfast when she was still alive.

* * * * * *

Today I went to Santa Barbara with my buddy Dane. Iím sure the dummies at the library would go nuts. They already talk about me hanging out with him. Not that itís their business. Whatever, they suck!

So my buddy Dane and I have been trying to hang out all summer. Last year we went to Venice and hung out. He bought a pair of sandwiches, and we had a good time. This time I wanted to go to Santa Barbara. And so, we did.

I was running late this morning, and Dane said that since I was he took a longer route to the library, where I was to meet up with him. On the way there he found $80 on the ground. Seems pretty crazy, but cool. So he treated me to a meal, instead of those crazy sandwiches he buys. Here he is, posing for a picture.

I bought us some ice cream after lunch. It was yummy. The chocolate was damn good. The lavender one was subtle.

We then went walking down State street.

Went into a little shop named Punch. It had a ton of neat useless things.

Chan got into the act too. Itís the first time Chan has visited Santa Barbara.

One of the things I wanted to do while in Santa Barbara was visit Alice Keck park. Iíd been in the park right next door a couple of years ago when I went with TheGirl. But this time I wanted to check out the gardens. As you can see from the next photos, the park is quite pretty.

Today turned out to be a good day. I had a restless night last night. I wasnít feeling well, but Iím glad I made the effort to go to Santa Barbara for the day.

End Communication.

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