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Food for thought -- 2001-10-26
Haagen Dazs' BaileysŪ Original Irish Cream Ice Cream is my favorite. I mention this because I found it in the market the other day, something that never happens. They don't usually sell that flavor in the market. I always have to go to the local Haagen Dazs to buy it hand packed. My aunt doesn't like it because she says that it's too sweet, but I love it. It really does taste like the Irish cream drink, but because it's ice cream it tastes all the better. Mmm!

I went out to eat the other day and I thought about how those greasy spoons that I frequent have some of the best tasting food around. Know why? Because they never clean their grill. When I get my burger off that grill I get the tastes of a thousand burgers and fries and meals that came before it. No wonder I don't get that same flavor off my grill at home. :(

One of my favorite shows on TV is Trading Spaces, on The Learning Channel. The concept is that they get two neighbors to trade spaces and make-over a room in their neighbor's house. It's great when the rooms come out looking great. However, the show really shines when the neighbors don't like the make-overs. Those reactions are so great! You can just see that some people are seething, but they can't because there's a camera, not to mention that the neighbors will be visiting every so often and will notice any little change in the room. I should also mention that I have a mini crush on one of the decorators... Genevieve. I think she's way cute in a way I haven't been able to totally define just yet. Not because I don't know what makes her cute, but I don't have the words. It's something tangible, but at the same time it's more of an attitude, and a way of being. I know, I'm not making any sense right now, I best stop.

I can explain why I like Gena Lee Nolan, she's way hot! I never went out of my way to watch any of the shows she was on, like this new one which I don't really believe is on TV. Yea, but who really cares, right? She's in this month's Playboy, which makes me glad that I renewed my subcription. I wasn't going to do it because Maxim is a way better magazine. Still, Maxim doesn't have naked babes (nearly naked, but not naked). As an added bonus the centerfold this month is this girl who used to be on that show, Pacific Blue. She played the bad girl with a good heart role... yea, like those really exist. Still, like I dummy I used to watch the show when it was on because she was, let's say it together, a really cute girl. Can you tell that's my Achilles' heel? Well, it is and it isn't. Who am I kidding, it is. Damn! LOL

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