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Various goings on -- 2002-01-04
Pretty fat girl - I went to a doctor's appointment the other day. While there my eye became fixated by the girl behind the reception desk. She had a cute face... an ULTRA cute face. Sadly, and I kinda hate myself for this, she was quite chubby and it sorta turned me off. But, then as I continued to look at her I thought about how her weight didn't matter, especially if her face is a direct representation of her personality. If she she is probably a really nice girl. OH well.

Talia, back in my life - Last week Talia came back into my life. I gave up on her a while back because of some of the things she said. I told myself that if she was interested in me I would get a call, and if she wasn't I would just go on living my life. Well, six months after I last talked to her she calls me. Since then things have been good between us. I like her, but for the moment I'm reserving my feelings until a later date. She's nice, but she's burned me in the past. This time around she seems to be more involved. I like Talia because she's smart and a little wacky. I like wacky, and I always have. LOL In short, I'm not rushing to fall for her, as per my usual modus operandi.

Playstation on my mind - I'm inches away from buying a Playstation 2 because I still can't get it off my mind. My car is fixed and it only cost me $160. I was expecting it to cost a lot more and because of that I didn't want to spend the money on a Playstation. But, now that I have that done I can go back to weighing the Playstation issue.

Farts, man's best friend - Man... one of the best feelings in the world is to let a fart fly. Especially if you've been holding it in for a long time because your not alone. LOL About the only thing better is taking a long piss in the morning. Ah, that is absolute heaven. Yea, this is a messed up subject, but it was just something that came to mind. Off to another subject.

Mach 5 for sale! - The Mach 5 from the Speed Racer series has popped off the screen onto the pavement. I was watching the news last night and they showed how some company has made an actual Mach 5. It looks so cool, and I so want one. Of course I can't afford it, but it would be the talk of anywhere I went. (Want to see it yourself? Check out Damn, the car of my adolescent wet dreams is now real and I can't get one... that totally sucks!

And so I end this various things going on journal entry.

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