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Out of Wack -- 2002-01-08
I've been eating too much dessert lately. My bathroom scale says that I haven't gained any weight, but I think it's just being nice. That or the springs are out of wack and I'm not getting an accurate reading. Damn! Either way I know what I know, I'm not getting any skinnier here.

I called Talia today and got a mixed reaction. Damn this girl! She's done this before, and now I know how to categorize her... she's a yo-yo girl. :( That's the best way I can describe her because one minute she's really bright and cheery towards me, and the next, well, she's not. :( She isn't mean, she is just disinterested. Needless to say I feel :( I hate it when women make me feel this way. Typical.

I took the subway to Hollywood yesterday. You know what? I like the subway. Yes, Los Angeles does have a subway, and it actually goes somewhere. I haven't taken it very far, but, like I said, yesterday I took it to Hollywood. I took a bunch of pictures, and some of them will show up on the site. The new place called Hollywood and Highland is neat. It's also huge. I hate the new color scheme that they gave the Chinese theater. It's like a bluish gray color, and it totally sucks! Anyway, I know that I'll be making more trips on the subway. Only I need to buy some tokens because I'll save a few bucks that way. I think a good trip on the subway will be the La Brea tar pits, and that whole museum complex there. I haven't been there in years... and I know I could take some neat pictures there too.

Last, but not least, if your from my generation you'll remember an old handheld football game, made up of little LED blips representing the players. You know, it's still fun.

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