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My Kingdom for 66 -- 2002-02-07
Chase Manhattan Bank sent me a check last week for the grand total of 33. You read right, 33! You know, I'm sorta embarrased to go to the bank and either deposit it or spend it. Either way I'm sure it will give my teller a huge laugh. I think that's why I haven't made a trip to the bank to show off my 33 fortune. I'm sure if that cute teller sees my 33 check she will be that much more attracted to me. Wouldn't you be? I should just frame the damn check as a goof. I'm sure everyone would love to see that damn check. Hey... that gives me an idea. LOL I was thinking, I could go to the 99 store I can get a 1/3rd of anything in the store. Now that's good. I'll be sure to not buy one of those 99 condoms... not that I have any use for them right this minute. I know... it sucks. :(

I'm sick of my VCR(s)! I think that it's time I dump that damn old technology, which I never really liked because my tapes always break, and get myself one of them new fangled Tivos. Actually, I think that Replay TV one is better for many reasons. Among them the fact that I won't be charged for the privilege of using the damn thing. It's stupid because one of my VCRs is actually working fine. It's just my main one, the one I use to tape everything, the supposedly better of the two, is the one that's acting like a bitch. I've lost four tapes in the last month, which really got me mad. So much so that a couple of weeks ago when this one tape got chewed up I just threw it as hard as I could at my trash can. I mised and just hit the edge of the can. Needless to say the whole tape exploded into a hundred pieces of various sizes. The two spools flew appart, but it was the casing that really flew all over my room. It was way fun to throw each and every piece while I shouted obscenities at the VCR. It's completely stupid to shout at an inanimate object, but I needed to vent. Hey, I should use my 33 check towards buying a Replay TV player. Better yet, I could spend it on a new HDTV.

One of my favorite computer games is a game named Sim Tower. If you haven't played any of the sim games from Maxis then let me just say that Sim Tower is a game in which the goal is to build a 100 story building. Like the other sim games I'm in charge of putting things such as offices, restaurants and hotel rooms, among other things, in order to build a majestic building that reaches for the skies. So far it only has 45 stories to it, but I'm quickly getting the hang of it. I used to have the game year ago, on my old computer. But, when that computer blew up I didn't install it on my new computer, this one, because there was a bug in it. The bug basically didn't let me do some things that I wanted to, so it sucked. This version, which I bought in a variety pack called Sim Mania, is cool. No bug, that I can see. I also installed another of the games that came in the pacage, something called Sim Safari. It's a fairly easy game. In fact, in less than a week I had a great safari park, and my village was running over with people working my camp. If you know the game you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I think I'll give a couple of the other games a run. Not Sim City Classic, that one I know all too well. I spent so many hours creating a few towns on the old Sim City games... hours I should have spent outside, or reading... or something. Damn you Sim City! I'm kidding.

I talked to AMouse last week. I asked her some advice on this whole Talia thing. She hasn't called me, and I haven't called her. I guess we have mutually agreed that she is going to tease me to no end until I give in and do something... what I don't know. Still, that won't stop her from playing me for a fool. I think that she will only call me when one of her little boys around her tire of her, or vice versa. Seems that she always does that. It's a damn shame that I find her to be really cute and interesting. I would have a couple of pictures of her to show y'all what she looks like, but I don't. This despite the fact that she said that she would pose for me. That would have been nice, I had some ideas for pictures, but as usual, I don't have a model to pose for me. Seems to be an ongoing theme in my life. I almost failed my portrait photo class a few years ago because I could never find anyone to sit for me. >:| Am I so bad? The only person I ever got to pose for me was Kat. Yes, Kat... and the pictures came out cool. Even this girl I knew from high school flaked out on me.

I remember that I had to take one portrait for my photo class in high school. It was the one assignment I dreaded because I knew that I had no one to pose. Thankfully a friend of mine named Mandy had this really cute friend named Liz. She might be the most stunning girl I've ever had the honor to know. Still, she was a flake. (How come pretty girls are so often flakes? Guess because they can be.) Well, I was able to convince her to pose for my portrait assignment. It was cool, I would get a good picture and she would get out of her second period class. My teacher had a note that he gave us to give our models who were students in the school. That way they could get out of their second period for us to take a picture of them. Well, I gave Liz the note allowing her to miss her class, and then she didn't show up. I don't remember, but I seem to recall that she later told me that she went out to get something to eat, or something lame like that. To cut this story short, she didn't pose and I had to shine on that assignment. Thankfully all my other work was cool and I passed the class. Still, I should have given up trying to take portraits right then and there.

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