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Lost, completely lost -- 2002-03-26
I'm in this class and I'm really lost... I have no idea what we're doing most of the time. I mean, I know what seems to be just enough to get along, but I can't say honestly say that I know what I'm actually doing. I'm trying to keep up and make it look like I actually know what's going on, but in reality I'm so lost. I need to take some time this weekend to try to catch up and actually know what I'm doing. Of course, that's to assume that I'll know what is going on after I read my notes and the book. I guess you can say I'm a bit optimistic.

Well, I'm still without a digital video recorder. I just cancelled the one I ordered from Amazon last week because it turns out that it needs some things I don't want to deal with. Problem is I'm still saddled with this archaic VHS technology. I'm now thinking that I'll go with the Tivo side of the digital video recorder world. It seems much easier than what I would have had to deal with with Replay TV, which seems cool at a glance, but seems to be trying to do much more than people can actually use in real life sitiations. I mean, emailing people TV shows... come on, like I'm really going to do that. Sorry for making things hard Replay TV, I was going to buy your stuff, but you blew it.

How boring were the Oscars on Sunday? I was so unexcited about who was going to win what. Halle Berry's speech was said by everyone to be this great thing, but I didn't get it. And how come Julia Roberts has to make everything about herself? What the hell was that line about loving her life have to do with Denzel Washington winning an Oscar? The two things are completely unrelated to each other. Denzel should be saying that he loves his life, not Julia. In short, Julia is crazy.

Last night I was watching this great show on ABC called The Bachelor. Oh - my - God! This show was so great, but for all the wrong reasons. The premise is sorta a mix between Survivor and the Dating game. This guy, the bachelor, is looking to get married. He can't find a good girl, even though he has money, and from what I gather, looks. So, he goes on this show where they have picked 25 women from around the country to vie for his affections, and hopefully they will be the one he chooses to take down the aisle at the end of the six week run. The show is a train wreck, but it's a marvelous, audacious and sick train wreck. I can't miss a single show of this thing because it just looks like all the women are going to be cat fighting each other in order to be the one that wins this guy at the end of all the survival challenges, I mean dates. I've seen shows that do this whole Survival motif and skew it to fit a new idea, but they weren't half as interesting as this looks like it's going to be.

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