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First week back -- 2002-08-28
School is up and running again and it sucks. I so wish I was done with this school stuff. I already have homework, but since I haven't been able to buy my books I haven't done it. Fuck! Why did I go back to school again? OH yeah, to better myself.

Now for the plus side, I guess. My friend Goose was asking me the other night if there were any cute girls in any of my classes. I honest had to say no, cause there really wasn't. Today was the second day and since some of the people thinned out I was able to check out a few of the girls. There are a couple of sorta cute girls.

In my morning class there's a blonde girl that has sat next to me today. She's pretty, but I might be mesmerized by her blonde hair. Could be. Haven't tried to talk to her, still feeling the whole thing out. In my afternoon class there was this one girl who had such a kick ass body. Man, she's all woman. Very nice. So, now when my friend asks me if there are any cute girls I can tell them that there are a couple.

Like a bunch of people, I've been watching American Idol. I so thought that it was a total travisty that Tamyra was kicked off the show last week. Nikki has consistantly been the worst singer every week, yet she stays on the show! What's the deal? The last two weeks she has been singing better, but nothing better than Tamyra. In my mind Tamyra should have won the whole thing. Kelly is really good, but I'm getting tired of her verbal acrobatics. Louder isn't better. But, nowadays people seem to think that yelling is good singing. Not true, but I'm not going to be able to convince anyone with the fact that subtly takes more strength than volume.

Kelly has a solid voice, but her singing style has gone from fantastic to brusk. It's getting to be hard on my ear to listen to her sing every week. Justin had his best performances last night. After last night I think that he seriously has a chance at beating Kelly. Of course, this is if Kelly makes it to the end.

Here's a prediction of tonight's outcome. I'm writing this on Wednesday, 4:13 pm, so you can see if I'm right or wrong. Here's my prediction, Kelly and Nikki will be the one's in jeapardy. Since some idiots keep voting for Nikki she will probably stay tonight and it will be Kelly who will be kicked off tonight. Mark my words. She sang good last night, but the songs that Kelly sang were absolutely horrible. I hated, HATED, both of them. I didn't even know who the fuck she was singing. Celine Dion! Fuck man, she's so not cool. Al Green, always cool. Evercool, man!

I've been tempted to call Talia. A friend of mine thinks that it's a bad idea, but I'm only human. I know that Talia doesn't want a commitment, and at first I didn't like that. But, now I don't think I mind so much. Perhaps...

Don't you hate when you had something to say but then you don't remember what it was? I hope I remember what it was, but for now I'll have to just give up on trying to remember what it was. I'm going to get me a Coke. Maybe a vanilla Coke. Mmmm!

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