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One year later -- 2002-09-10
It's one year later. The pain still resides in me. I was watching one of the many shows that were on TV looking back, and there was an image of people stranded at the airports watching the events unfold. The moment drove me to tears. In that moment was the whole tragedy for me. People. As much as the Twin Towers crashing down was one of the most horrible things I have even seen. It's the fact that there were people in those towers that died. There were people on those planes that died. People. Each and every one of them with dreams, and hopes for the future... with families, and friends. That is the real tragedy of 9-11.

Those that died were just going about their lives when this tragedy come upon them. They were the tragic characters of this most horrific tragedy. Now they leave us to suffer the pains of that day. It hurts a little less sometimes, but it never goes away. It won't go away, not entirely.

I think back to that day and how the whole thing unfolded on my TV. I woke up early that day, waking up to the news coverage. The first plane had hit the tower, and the talk was of a possible mishap, with a plane possibly going off course and hitting one of the Twin Towers. As I watched I made a phone call the the doctor's office to ask for some of the results of my Grandmother's tests. Not long after a second plane hit, and the we all knew that it was no mishap. Everything changed.

The sadness turned to anger by midday. I didn't know how to hold in all the anger. I wanted to burst, I wanted to scream, but I didn't. I also wanted to hold it in. I wanted it to be inside of me, to not forget what those cowards did. I didn't want the anger to wash away. I wanted it inside of me in order to not forget. In order to do... I don't know, to just have that inside me. I felt to let that go was to forget those who were murdered. I think that too many of us have tried to find reasons for why this happened.

The reason is there are people out there in the world that hate us. They hate us. We shouldn't hate them. However, we should have the strength to hurt them, hunt them down, and finally kill them. For, they will never leave us alone. They will never. So, with no malace in our hearts, but with the memory of those who died by their actions, the terrorist must die. They must be abolishished from the face of the earth.

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