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Pains and joys -- 2002-12-01
My stomach is a bitch. Every day after a meal my stomach starts doing back flips. No matter what I eat these days my stomach is ready to beat me up. The worst part is that now the pain starts even before I eat. Out of nowhere my stomach will start to burn. I know that it means that I need to eat.

Night time after dinner sucks too because I'll be sitting in my room only to get hunger pains. I end up almost getting my keys in order to get a burger. But, I don't. Most of the time I find something in the fridge to eat. My aunt bought me some frozen chicken pot pies. They aren't bad. Maybe I'm just saying that because I'm starving to death when I'm eating them.

About a month ago my computer monitor blew up and I had to get a new one. Then, right after that my printer was being a turd and not working. I started to look at those all-in-ones, but tonight I up and tried something I should have tried before. I dusted the contacts and pow, my printer prints. Hell yeah! That's $200 that I won't have to spend... $200 I won't be debt to my credit cards to. Fuck yeah!

Actually, it's been about three weeks that my printer hasn't been working. I've waited this long hoping that my printer would magically start working. You know how you'll have something that doesn't work, but then one day it starts working on its own? That's what I was hoping for with my printer. I guess I should have just done the dusting before today. But, like an idiot, I didn't think to do it before now.

OK, last week I was supposedly preparing for a big test that I was going to have on Monday. I ended up not studying, but rather doing a paper for a friend of mine. Believe me, it wasn't a big deal, I did everything not to study. I never study. Studying is boring. It's a waste of time for me. Well, I got a 80% on my test. Which was WAY better than what I thought I would get. The test ended up being harder than I expected. Still, I'm thinking my writing skills helped where my recall failed me. Then, I get an email from my friend and she tells me that the paper I wrote for her got a 48 out of 50. Damn I'm good. No wonder I have this feeling that I might be a good writer. Revelation!

There are exactly three more class meetings this semester, not including the final. I mention this because that's the exact amount of time I have to ask those girls out from my class. Yes, I said those, plural. There are two cuties that I want to ask out from my classes. I guess I'm hoping that if one says no the other one will say yes. Or, if they both say yes I go out with both of them, and see who suits me better. Or, tragedy of all tragedies, neither of them say yes. Or, even worse, I end up not asking either of them. Now that would bite. I don't want it to be the last of these scenarios. We shall see what happens. More on this next time, because right now I'm off to get some sleep.

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